NATRUE - True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics


The NATRUE Label was launched in 2008, one year after the founding of the NATRUE organisation. 

Founder Members of NATRUE were originally members of the German Natural Cosmetics Association to which their products were certified. However, they realised that representation at an international level was missing.

The presence of many different natural and organic national labels was a real problem which was not only confusing for consumers but also challenging for producers to formulate products with different requirements to comply to all these standards. It became urgent to address the lack of regulation within the sector, as well as the short comings of the existing national standards which were not in line with consumers’ and producers’ expectations and needs.

Consequently, NATRUE Founder Members ultimately decided to launch their own international initiative taking account of consumers’ and manufacturers’ expectations and needs. This resulted in the creation of the NATRUE Label in 2008. Shortly after its creation the Founder Members started to switch from different seals to the NATRUE seal, very quickly several other companies followed suit. 

In 2009 the first 400 products were certified and an additional 600 followed in 2010.

Since then, the NATRUE Label has continued to grow and to expand across Europe and overseas. Indeed, the number of NATRUE certified products as well as the geographical spread of the label have literally “taken-off” off.  In May 2015 there are 4300 certified products and many others in the process of certification.  Please see NATRUE's PRODUCT WORLD for an update.

What does the NATRUE Label mean in terms of product quality?
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Why should producers of authentic Natural and Organic Cosmetics certify according to the NATRUE standard?
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