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If you are a Raw Material producer and/or a Third Party Manufacturers you know that you play a major role in the supply chain. We could not agree more! 

Therefore since 2010 Raw Materials can be certified according to the NATRUE Criteria as of March 2012 Formulas can be NATRUE Approved!



Producers of Natural and Organic Cosmetics can see at a glance how your raw materials count towards compliance of finished products. 

If you wish to certify Raw Materials the same processes and criteria apply as for finished products. All certified raw materials are listed in the raw materials database on this site.

Because producers need to adhere to the strict minimum and maximum thresholds for natural and derived natural ingredients – the database shows them how your raw material adds up to the overall formulation. 



Companies can apply for NATRUE Formula Approval by submitting their formulation for verification by a NATRUE Approved Certifier. A Formula Approval Certificate (valid for two years) will be issued by the NATRUE Approved Certifier upon the successful verification of the documents. The production audit is not required. It is an approval – not a certification!

Please bear in mind that under the Formula Approval scheme the right to use the NATRUE Label is only related to the NATRUE Approved Formulas.

Any finished product placed on the market with a brand (developed from a NATRUE Approved Formula, or not) wishing to use the NATRUE Label must successfully go through the full procedure for Finished Products Certification. process and costs 

Major assistance in the formulation and development of authentic natural and organic  products  BUT  not a way of up speeding up Certification!

We care about consumers:  the products they buy must comply with the NATRUE Criteria and procedures for finished products whichalso  require a production audit in addition to the documentation verification and that at least 75% of a product line complies with NATRUE requirements (avoiding Greenwashing!)

All Approved Formulas are listed in the formulas database on this site.

The database will show your formulation with

» Natural Ingredients (% organic)
» Derived Natural Ingredients
(% organic) and 
» Nature Identical Ingredients
» Water

Because companies who are  brand owners  know where they want to go when developing new product lines!  However, in-house expertise is a challenge.

More and more Brand Owners would like to start producing Natural and Organic Cosmetics truly worthy of that name, because they recognize the benefits for people and the environment – consumer behaviour and expectations have changed.

Show them your expertise, professionalism and passion...
Let them discover your NATRUE Approved Formulas! 


List of certifiers

You are free to work with the certifier of your choice.