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Reading the ingredient list of cosmetic products isn't easy. And it doesn't make shopping fun. We want to change that.

Pick up a cosmetic product.

Do you see an ingredient list?

How does it look?

What you see depends on where you buy. Regulations differ around the world.

In Europe and the US, among others, manufacturers have to use the International Nomenclature for Cosmetics Ingredients. You are most likely to come across the abbreviation: the INCI-list.

The key here is the I for International: the purpose of the system is to overcome country and language barriers.

That is why all INCI-lists use Latin, botanical names.

The system has some practical benefits.

Say you are allergic to an ingredient: your doctor can tell you the official INCI name, making it easier for you to avoid it.

But there's also a major inconvenience: who knows all those Latin names?

I've worked in the cosmetics sector for many years and even I don't know them all.

Reading the list, could you tell a natural cosmetic product apart?

You'd need to be an expert. If you are not, you could get some help. Our list of ten no-go ingredients for example: see one on the list and you know the product can't be natural.

But such tools demand some serious study. And they don't make shopping much fun.

That is why trustworthy labels are important. When you trust the logo, you don't have to study all those Latin names.

Being trustworthy was our first priority. We defined the NATRUE standard to guarantee the highest possible naturalness for every type of cosmetic product.

But we don't want to stop there.

We believe that ingredients are import. And we want to make info available when it matters: before you buy a product.

That's why this website has background information on every certified product. And, we've made a mobile version so that you can view it on your mobile phone!

Try it! Enter this url into your mobile phone:

Or click the link to get an impression on how this could look on a phone.

That is what we want to achieve. And we are working to make this easier and more practical.

How? By introducing even shorter addresses. And by introducing QR codes.

If you have a QR tag reader installed on your phone:

Simply take a picture of the code (with your phone camera) and your phone will automatically send you to our mobile homepage.

And if you do not have a QR tag reader, don't worry. We will show you how to do it in a follow-up post.

Over to you:
Have you used QR codes? Do you know how to use them? And would you use them in the shop? Leave a comment below.

Julie Tyrrell is our Director General here at NATRUE. Her passion for Natural Cosmetics is highly contagious. NATRUE and Julie are a perfect match. Her profile in our community section tells you why.

The teaser photo is by 7rains

The mobile phone sketch is by svilen001

Thanks for making the photos available.

von Julie Tyrrell
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