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La mission de NATRUE est de promouvoir et de protéger les cosmétiques naturels et biologiques au profit des consommateurs du monde entier.



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Pourquoi les fabricants de cosmétiques naturels et biologiques authentiques devraient-ils opter pour la certification NATRUE? Comment se déroule le processus de certification?

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Chaque produit certifié selon les critères du Label NATRUE est unique et répond à des normes de qualité de cosmétiques naturels et biologiques. Naviguez dans notre base de données de produits et découvrez le niveau de certification et les particularités de chacun d'entre eux.

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Latest regulatory developments to be disclosed at Natural Products Scandinavia 2016

POSTED: 10.11.2016 IN:
Taking place at MalmöMässan in Sweden on 16-17th November, the show’s seminar line-up will revolve around numerous hot topics including emerging natural beauty trends, authenticity of natural and organic cosmetics, sustainability, allergies, raw materials, and specialist skincare products among others. NATRUE will contribute with the participation of Director General Dr. Mark Smith who will be holding a seminar on Thursday 17th November.
How to define authentic natural and organic cosmetic products? - 17th November 13:00-13:45 at the Natural Beauty Theatre
Dr. Smith will explore the current regulatory framework of the natural and organic cosmetics sector, providing a clear overview on the characterization of 'authentic' natural and organic cosmetics in the industry that for the most part carry a seal. "Consumers still struggle when it comes to understanding the differences between labels, what requirements are behind them, and whether or not they offer the same degree of strictness and transparency. Therefore, it is increasingly important to positively engage with consumers to help their understanding of what's behind each seal, so that they can avoid those labels which are, for example, just a self-declaration or those with a weak criteria", explains Dr. Smith in anticipation of his talk. In addition, Dr. Smith will focus on a comparison between the NATRUE Standard and the provisions of the ISO Guidelines, the first part of which has recently been released. According to NATRUE's Director General, these Guidelines "represent a weakening of the current, stronger definitions for what a natural cosmetic should be, and so have the potential risk to undermine future consumer trust in the sector." For further information, including exhibitor listings and seminar details, please view the online show guide at To register, click here: