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La mission de NATRUE est de promouvoir et de protéger les cosmétiques naturels et biologiques au profit des consommateurs du monde entier.

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Que signifie le Label NATRUE en termes de qualité du produit? Quels sont les avantages que ce Label apporte aux consommateurs?

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Pourquoi les fabricants de cosmétiques naturels et biologiques authentiques devraient-ils opter pour la certification NATRUE? Comment se déroule le processus de certification?

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Chaque produit certifié selon les critères du Label NATRUE est unique et répond à des normes de qualité de cosmétiques naturels et biologiques. Naviguez dans notre base de données de produits et découvrez le niveau de certification et les particularités de chacun d'entre eux.

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The NATRUE website now also “speaks” Italian

POSTED: 23.09.2016 IN: Nouvelle de secteur
NATRUE renews web communication and integrates the Italian language. To keep visitors always informed about natural, organic and certified cosmetics, the International Association based in Brussels and born to promote and protect authentic natural and organic cosmetics, has decided to renew its website and integrate an Italian version amongst the other languages, in the face of the ever growing amount of brands and certified products on the Italian market, i.e. approximately 30% of the total. is characterized by a modern and attractive layout, designed to make navigation easy, immediate and intuitive, also optimized for Smartphone and Tablet. The integration of social networks and the ability to subscribe to the newsletter was also a must. From the main menu, you can wander around the site and join the sections dedicated to consumers, manufacturers, and the media. In particular, consumers can find news and useful insights to recognize true natural and organic cosmetics and information on the added value of the NATRUE certification. You can also consult the list of certified products with pictures, descriptions, usage advice, find companies that produce them and the references sold in Italy. "A user-friendly and multilingual website, thus accessible to an increasing number of consumers, enhances NATRUE's goal of creating culture on certified natural and organic cosmetics. Who approaches the world of bio beauty must, in fact, be provided with continuity and immediacy of information as well as correct indications to meet the challenges posed by greenwashing or the tendency to pass off as natural and organic products that actually are not", explained Francesca Morgante, NATRUE Label & Communication Manager.