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Les deux piliers fondateurs de NATRUE sont:

Participation et contribution à la prise de décision réglementaire pour assurer la disponibilité d'ingrédients de première qualité de cosmétiques naturels et biologiques dans l'intérêt des consommateurs à travers le monde.

Promotion et développement du Label NATRUE pour garantir la disponibilité de cosmétiques naturels et biologiques de la plus haute qualité dans l'intérêt des consommateurs à travers le monde.



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Que signifie le Label NATRUE en termes de qualité du produit? Quels sont les avantages que ce Label apporte aux consommateurs?

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Pourquoi les fabricants de cosmétiques naturels et biologiques authentiques devraient-ils opter pour la certification NATRUE? Comment se déroule le processus de certification?

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Chaque produit certifié selon les critères du Label NATRUE est unique et répond à des normes de qualité de cosmétiques naturels et biologiques. Naviguez dans notre base de données de produits et découvrez le niveau de certification et les particularités de chacun d'entre eux.

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POSTED: 30.08.2016 IN:
Over 60% of European consumers are reassured by the presence of certification marks, especially in the natural and organic cosmetics sector. This point of fact is something that NATRUE knows very well after appointing GFK to research the consumers' behaviour which led to the study entitled "Exploring the Territory of Natural and Organic Cosmetics". The survey results, involving more than 900 women aged between 25 and 65 from six European countries including Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden and the UK will be among the issues presented by NATRUE at Sana 2016. "Consumers are increasingly aware and informed, however the phenomenon of greenwashing, the tendency to present as natural something which is far from it, is still a risk for our sector. Our participation to Sana, along with seven of our partner companies, goes in this direction: we want to work together to promote authentic natural and organic cosmetics by explaining the strict criteria of NATRUE and certification processes, which ingredients are allowed and in what proportion. To offer even greater assurance to the consumers, our standard requires that for each brand not only a few products are to be certified, but at least 75% of the line" says  Francesca Morgante, NATRUE Label & Communication Manager. At its Pavilion (Hall 36 stand D66 / E65), NATRUE will present seven partner companies including some of the founding members of the Association such as Laverana, WALA - Dr. Hauschka and Weleda. Not to be missed: new natural formulations of Cosnature, Fair Squared with its Vegan and Halal lines, Weckerle Cosmetics that produces according to the NATRUE standard for private labels, and Naturativ, a famous Polish brand that mixes tradition and innovation. Klara Ahlers, NATRUE's President and Managing Director Sales & Marketing of Laverana GmbH & Co. KG recalls: "The natural and organic cosmetics market is fast growing in Italy and is no longer a niche segment. We are pleased to come back to Sana where lavera was launched nearly 30 years ago". "Natures's Treasures Transformed for You" is the founding principle of WALA - Dr. Hauschka, which highlights the importance of the rhythm and the alternation of hot and cold polarity, stasis and movement, light and dark to create its own natural ingredients, obtained from biodynamic or organic sources. Dr. Hauschka cosmetics offer a complete line of treatments dedicated to the face, the body and make-up. The Dr. Hauschka makeup station will be a welcome addition at SANA with makeup sessions available for visitors at the stand. Weleda will reveal the brand new NATRUE certified scented water. "We are proud to have adopted the NATRUE standard for our products," says Stefano Riva, Managing Director of Weleda Italy, "because its criteria are so high and strict that they represent a stimulus to increasingly improve the natural quality of our products". Finally, NATRUE will make a further contribution to the trade fair thanks to Francesca Morgante's participation, on Saturday 10th September at 11am, in the talk show organized by CCPB and Siste, "Organic cosmetics: a question of label?", held in the Sala Melodia near the Service Centre block B.