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I am very happy to tell you that we are finally live with the first two language versions of our website: French and German.

Italian will follow this summer and the Japanese version later this year.

I know that many of you have been waiting for these versions, and rightly so. We are an international organisation and have an international label. Of course, we cannot communicate in English only.

It is important to us that people can discover NATRUE certified products and read about our criteria in their own language. The same is true for our activities beyond the label: the more people know about our activities to protect and promote Natural and Organic Cosmetics, the better.

For the moment, we have to stay mono-lingual in our news and blog section. We simply don't have the resources yet to translate every post into many languages - though we will have language versions for important news and press releases.

And please don't forget: we have a very mixed and multicultural team here in Brussels with English, French, German, Italian and Japanese mother tongues. You can contact us any time with any query in these languages (and Spanish).

The same goes for our Facebook page and Twitter. We mainly communicate in English but we are happy to answer questions and discuss in other languages. We will always reply, that's a promise!

de Julie Tyrrell
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