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Thanks to Social Media, Natural and Organic Cosmetic companies are talking much more about the good they do.

My love for Natural and Organic Cosmetics is not just for the beautiful products but also for the people and companies that make them.

Money is not their prime motivation.

They are in the business because of their values: to treat people and nature with respect is the most normal thing for them.

And because it is so normal for them, they don't make much noise about it. When I started out with NATRUE  three years ago, I was surprised how many companies were hardly talking about all the good they do.

Today, thanks to Social Media, they talk about it much more. Many brands and companies now have their own Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel. Some have their very own online-communities. And the more I look at their platforms, the more I realize how well Social Media suits our sector.

This is because Social Media is very different from traditional marketing: not a one-way communication but an honest and open dialogue with customers. It demands that you open up your soul...that you show who you really are and what you stand for.

I am sure that this is what many customers of natural products want in times when everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon: they want to feel the true soul of a company.

And what better manner than to show where your products come from, how they promote biodiversity instead of depleting the environment. What better than to introduce the people that grow your roses in Turkey or Afghanistan? What better than to talk about your community projects and your long-standing human relationships with business partners?  

Multimedia makes this potential all the stronger. We can easily document these things in pictures, audio, video and text – or any mixture in between. It provides a lot of opportunities to show the soul of your company in new exciting ways.

One example that really impressed me is Burt's Bees last Social and Environmental report: it's in the form of a video (or rather a series of videos). If you thought that such reports are boring by default, look at theirs. It paints the picture of what the company is all about.

This is the video on their community activities:


You can find the whole series here. It is just one example of how Social Media is working for companies in our sector. We will share more examples in the future. Watch this space (and our Facebook page).

Julie Tyrrell, Director General NATRUE

Julie Tyrrell is our Director General here at NATRUE. Her passion for natural cosmetics is highly contagious. NATRUE and Julie are a perfect match. Her profile in our community section tells you why.

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