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SCCS and peanut oil:

In response to an Opinion on peanut oil adopted by the Commission’s Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS) in March 2014, and in which the SCCS states that peanut oil cannot be used safely in cosmetics, NATRUE submitted a report on its Safety Assessment.   The SCCS thanked NATRUE for the safety assessment and in particular took note of the safe skin exposure level of 0.6ppm.  The revised Opinion was finalized at the SCCS plenary meeting in September 2014 and states that in view of the documented safe levels of oral intake of peanut protein in sensitised individuals and in view of the industry’s capability to refine peanut oil below a protein level of 0.5 ppm, the SCCS can accept this value as maximum allowable concentration in (refined) peanut oil for cosmetic use (document reference: SCCS/1526/14).


Join NATRUE at Vivaness 2015 ...
05.02.2015 | 17:23
New image - Join NATRUE at Vivaness 2015

Visitors and members of the Press, are invited to the join the NATRUE team both on stand and in conference at Vivaness - the trade show for natural and organic cosmetics at Nuremberg Exhibition Centre where Biofach is held. The show runs from 11 to 14 February 2015.

NATRUE announces research findings  ...
13.11.2014 | 09:47
New image - NATRUE announces research findings|at European Parliament

Recently a new research study ‘Exploring the Territory of Natural & Organic Cosmetics’ was completed, highlighting what consumers expect from natural and organic cosmetics, what drives their purchasing decisions, and what they understand about the products. The research was commissioned by NATRUE, the International Natural & Organic Cosmetics Association, and the results were recently presented at a conference on 5 November at the European Parliament in Brussels. The presentation formed part of a special two day event for MEPs, illustrating NATRUE’s vision, mission and values.


As an international non-profit association, we provide a home to all true friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics.

NATRUE's Mission
The two very pillars on which NATRUE stands have consumer interest at heart:

- Contribute to regulatory decision-making to ensure the availability of premium Natural & Organic Cosmetic ingredients to the benefit of consumers worldwide.
- Promote and develop a strict regulatory definition of natural and organic ingredients and finished cosmetic products to the benefit of consumers worldwide.

To discover more about our activities, to read our Position Papers and to find out how to join look at the section about NATRUE

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