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NATRUE-IBD: Agreement on alignment  ...
02.04.2014 | 10:00
New image - NATRUE-IBD: Agreement on alignment and|mutual recognition of natural and organic|cosmetic standards.

Brussels/ São Paulo - NATRUE and IBD are delighted to inform they have joined forces to protect and promote authentic natural and organic cosmetic products through the signing of an Agreement on the alignment and mutual recognition of their respective standards.

NATRUE welcomes Biotechnicon,  firs ...
06.03.2014 | 14:16
New image - NATRUE welcomes Biotechnicon, |first NATRUE Approved Certifier from Croatia

The Croatian Certification Body Biotechnicon has joined the network of NATRUE Approved Certifiers as of February 2014. Representatives of both NATRUE and Biotechnicon officially singned the “papers” in the context of Vivaness 2014.


As an international non-profit association, we provide a home to all true friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics.

We have one common goal: to promote and protect natural beauty and skin care products. We embrace all who commit to our high standards of quality and integrity. Help us promote naturalness.