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ALMANATI Comércio de Cosméticos Naturais e Orgânicos
Rua Doutor Carlos Guimarães, 340
13024-200 Campinas

Almanati was born from a dream, a permanent unrest and the grouping of passionate enthusiasts of life. We come from a searching quest of dormant senses, from learning in day-to-day experience, from getting in contact with the earth and its fruits.

We get inspired when meeting people who grow and care for food and dreaming of nature's appreciation. We strongly believe in respect for nature's richness while scientifically handling it, aiming general health. Therefore, we have the desire to bring together all that inspires us, to genuinely engage with the world and to promote love and empathy.

We believe in rich transforming meetings. They move us and inspire us every day in our search for just, happy and sustainable relationships.
Through people's history and work we develop our view of the world, connect to each other and have the chance to promote positive and transforming impacts in the world.
We believe that inspiration goes far beyond what meets the eye; it appears in unexpected and unusual places. Therefore, we need to develop the ability to understand what goes on inside the heart, the senses and emotions. Developing Almanati products means to cultivate friendships, respect and passion for life.

We are in the business of making natural cosmetics, because we believe that the world needs caring. It is with caring that we determine each of our choices. We look to appreciate everyone involved in this huge chain until the product reaches our costumers. Also, we look to respect nature while searching for it's best with the help of technology to develop efficient, clean and fair products.
We are very concerned with the ingredient selection to compose our products. In the research phase, we look at individuals considering age and gender peculiarities, to then establish an image of what we will take care with our products. At the same time, we search in nature for the components that will respond to these needs, as true partners for the body's natural processes. Finally, the technology becomes our great ally when seeking for gentle formulas that convey comfort but also fulfills its duty in the best way possible.
We do this because we respectfully aim body, tissue, spirit and mind balance to help them reach its entire potential.