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Amala Inc.
112 W. 34th Street
NY 10120 New York
United States

Amala’s formulation standards include:

Certified organic formulas, whole plant ingredients – grown in their ideal habitats to ensure their peak potential, and certified organic by NATRUE – the Brussels-based, non-profit organization, aims to safeguard the highest global standards for natural cosmetics. Amala uses whole plants, rather than isolated plant ingredients, to preserve their unique healing benefits, nurturing properties and maximum efficacy.

100% Natural – free of petrochemicals, parabens and genetically-modified ingredients. Products contain a proprietary blend of organic plants and compounds that have natural preservative properties, yielding a shelf life of 24 months.

Custom distillation and extraction – each plant ingredient is extracted according to its specific composition by master distillers who respect this time-honored tradition. This method preserves each plant’s intrinsic healing properties for the skin.

100% organic and food grade emulsifiers - ensure absolute purity and safety for both users and the environment.

No unnecessary ingredient processing – no bleach, deodorizing, refining or gamma radiation. Each plant maintains its original attributes throughout the product development process in order to keep plant properties as pure and effective as in nature itself.

Fair trade and ethical sourcing – Amala pays a fair price for superior plant ingredients and sources them exclusively from their sustainable farm partners and trusted suppliers around the world. Additionally, five percent of profits are returned to these local communities to help them preserve their culture and achieve long-term economic sustainability.

100% natural fragrance - the aroma of pure essential oils and flower extracts. No animal testing - in fact, Amala has limited its ingredient dossier to those which have been cleared of animal testing since 1979.