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Ananné AG

8703 Erlenbach ZH

The products are based on deepened medical knowledge of the biology of regeneration, research on skin needs and the skin's ability of absorption. The brand's name "ananné" is an abbreviation of the greek word ana-néosis, meaning regeneration. This, in fact, is the core of all products: to support the biological ability of the skin's regeneration.

It is combining biological medicine (understanding life processes of the healthy body), herbal medicine, the science of health care, and that of pharmacology (based on the research on medication absorbed by the skin from bandaids (for pain or nicotine, as aid to stop smoking act.)). This research has been never before integrated into skin care. Our concept combines these four scientific pillars to understanding the skin as integral part of the human body which deserves respect of its biological processes and rhythms and a careful and responsible choice of active ingredients.

The choice of ingredients is extremely careful and selective. There are no ingredients exploited from animals. The brand is strictly vegan. It is certified natural cosmetics, yet positioned as a doctor's brand (medical effectivity combined with "smart luxury" applying the intelligence of science and sustainable thinking and avoiding decadence and superficiality both in product and in marketing).