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Nature is our inspiration

BIOKOSMA, a pioneer in Swiss natural cosmetics, makes modern skincare products using selected plant ingredients since 1935.

BIOKOSMA's aim is to make you feel good all over. To achieve this we develop products that combine effectiveness with gentleness. Our inspiration is drawn from nature.

Our product range is as varied as the needs of our users while being clear and easy to understand. Our aim is to offer modern natural cosmetics that harness advances in technology while respecting the environment. BIOKOSMA products contain selected high-quality ingredients and are developed and manufactured in Switzerland to reduce transport miles. We also give preference to Swiss organic plant extracts, which supports Swiss farmers.


Ingredients grown in Switzerland

BIOKOSMA uses carefully selected plant ingredients, with preference being given to organic Swiss products of the highest quality. These are carefully processed in line with ecological principles and using the latest findings in research.

Natural preservatives and colorants

BIOKOSMA products contain only natural preservatives and no synthetic colorants.

Free from mineral oils and silicones

BIOKOSMA products only contain plant oils, waxes and extracts. We do not use paraffins or other mineral oils. We also do not use silicone.


BIOKOSMA products do not contain ingredients derived from dead animals or raw materials from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

No animal testing

BIOKOSMA products are not tested on animals, either during the developmental or the manufacturing stage.

Dermatologically tested

All BIOKOSMA products are formulated to be kind to the skin. This has been confirmed in independent dermatological studies