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"Only put on your skin, what you'd eat." - our company philosophy represents the essence of our organic, edible quality products.

By creating the Coconutoil Cosmetics brand our aim was to rediscover the healthy ingredients nature provides us, bring environmental awareness to the everyday life, and live in harmony with the Earth.

Therefore, we set up a strict regime of requirements that only the best organic ingredients are used in our products, offering natural skin care solutions for diverse issues, for the whole family.

Our story

It was first during our travels through Asia that we have discovered a pure natural remedy, the coconut oil. Thus in the western civilizations we don't know much about it, the peoples of the Equator have been using it for centuries, for cooking, curing different health issues like cardiovascular complaints and digestive disorders, but due to its universal effectiveness for skin and hair care as well.

The universal usability of the coconut oil made us to choose it as the base of our products, and this is how Coconutoil Cosmetics brand has born.

As the goal was to create an organic cosmetic line we set the standards high regarding the ingredients, could be obtained only from organic, sustainable sources.

After careful consideration we have found an organic coco palm plantation on the Philippines, where the coconut oil is processed with the right methods that allow the oil to keep its naturally high lauric-acid concentration (43,2%).

The virgin, unprocessed coconut oil contains high-level of antioxidants, thus regenerates the skin, smoothens its surface without making it oily, and destroys the free radicals that are responsible for early ageing. It is a natural fungicide and bactericidal, and besides curing infections helps to build a protective layer on the skin.

Our other ingredients, just like cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet orange oil or neem oil are organic.

This carefulness let us acquire the NATRUE's organic cosmetic qualification. Thanks to the magical power of coconut oil our products have multiple benefits, thus they are suitable solutions for different body parts, skin conditions and problems.


We believe that sustainable beauty and sustainable environment comes hand in hands, therefore besides the ingredients of our products hand-picked and carefully sorted, we pay attention to their packaging as well.

Our oil based products are contained in dark glasses and the others are in aluminium containers, that not only ensures the long and safe storage of them, but are also eco-friendly.

Our Products

Beauty Care

Our cosmetics approach to beauty is from point of view of sustainability: beauty and health. These products do not make symptomatic treatment; they restore the harmonic functioning of skin and hair.

This is why it is possible that the same product is suitable for dry and pimply skin as well as both cases saused by wrong functioning of the skin.

Coconutoil Cosmetics can remedy these problems with their antibacterial and antifungal effects and with their cell- regenerating ingredients.

Our customers will find products with complex effects for face cleansing, skin and facial care of high efficiency.

Roll-On Deodorants

Our body is a perfectly designed biological system in which every part has its own function.

Through sweating the body cleans itself effectively, thus the Coconutoil Cosmetics Roll-On Deodorants do not blocks sweating and clog the pores, but neutralizes the body odour, creating a fresh, clean feeling for the whole day.

Mom & Baby

The babies', moms', and soon-to- be moms' skin requires a more attentive care routine, so our Baby-Mama product line is designed especially for their needs, and gently moisturizes, nourishes, and protects the sensitive skin.

Men's Cosmetics

There is a misconception that men's skin doesn't require as much attention as women's, but it isn't true, their skin is also exposed to the adverse environmental effects, changing weather conditions and shaving.

The Coconutoil Cosmetics Aftershave Oil provides gentle care for the strongest after shaving, the Face Oil moisturizes the skin, and the Roll-On Deodorants are perfect choices even in the sweatiest situations.

Vegan Products

As we are committed to animal rights, most of our products do not contain any animal product, therefore even vegans could use them unconditionally