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Dr. Scheller

Brand image - Dr. Scheller

Dr. Scheller natural & effective GmbH
Im Rosengarten 7
76532 Baden-Baden

Dr. Scheller is a pioneer in natural cosmetics since 30 years. The mission: Prepare skin for the daily requirements of modern life. They combine nature and effect in a unique way and develop innovative natural cosmetic products for demanding clients who know what is good for their skin. By means of purely natural ingredients, such as valuable oils and high-quality plant-based extracts from all over the world, they manufacture efficient and certified natural cosmetics for your daily skincare routine.

As a unique natural cosmetic brand Dr. Scheller uses PhytoSolve® formulas in all facial skincare products. PhytoSolve®* are transparent emulsions of soy lecithin, extracted from natural plants. These micro capsules create a natural transportation system. They transport highly effective, natural extracts into the skin, to allow them to work specifically where they are needed. The small sized droplets ensure an excellent distribution and good penetration properties. Therefore increasing the concentration of ingredients in the skin. The special PhytoSolve® technology allows plant based ingredients to be used more effectively and better targeted in the natural skincare products

Since 2011, Dr. Scheller has been part of the brand portfolio owned by the BCG Baden-Baden Cosmetics Group GmbH, one of the leading independent cosmetic companies in Germany. For more than six decades, the company has successfully developed and produced highly effective and skin-compatible cosmetics using predominantly natural ingredients for both the German and international markets. New compositions are constantly being developed in the company's own laboratories, and the results are realized at the on-site production facilities. From the product idea to shipping, the team works closely together so that the latest research results can be rapidly converted into market innovations. BCG builds trust using innovative brand and product concepts because they do not promise an unattainable ideal of beauty but instead offer you the ability to feel beautiful and cared-for in your own skin.