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Brand image - JANSSEN COSMETICS Biocosmetics

Janssen Cosmetics GmbH
Pontsheide 36
52076 Aachen

Many years of research work have culminated in the development of a deep-acting biological cosmetics line which is 100% certified and controlled, and therefore meets the highest natural cosmetics standards. In achieving this, the biocosmetics combine top standards of quality with responsibility and faces up to the challenge of bringing man and nature into equilibrium.

Plant extracts from around the globe engender perfect harmony between naturalness and effectiveness. Argan oil from Morocco, coconut oil from the Philippines, macadamia nut oil from Hawaii and aloe vera from Mexico. In procuring these raw materials, great importance is attached to socially responsible trading in the sense of fair trade, and thereby supporting the local way of life and culture.

These natural care products contain no parabens and are preserved exclusively using substances which occur naturally. JANSSEN COSMETICS consciously omits all contents which are biologically difficult to break down and place unnecessary strain on the ecosystem. The care products contain natural ingredients, 95% of which originate from controlled ecological cultivation (CEC).

The biocosmetics contain no:

- paraffin oil
- synthetic substances
- silicone oils
- dyes
- crude oil components
- formaldehyde
- mineral oils