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Kneipp-Werke, Kneipp-Mittel-Zentrale GmbH & Co KG
Winterhäuser Str. 85
97084 Würzbug

The brand Kneipp® is based on the knowledge of the German priest Sebastian Kneipp. He focused intensively his entire life on the effects of water and plants. Over the years, he expanded his knowledge into a systematic philosophy with the 5 pillars of water, plants, exercise, nutrition and balance. Kneipp created such a holistic concept of life that the person, his/her lifestyle habits and his/her natural environment are inextricably considered to be a balanced unit.

In 1891, he placed his knowledge in the hands of a friend, the pharmacist Leonhard Oberhäußer, and transferred the rights to him to produce and market goods "with the name and image of Father Sebastian Kneipp." This laid the foundation for the Kneipp® brand.

Nowadays, Sebastian Kneipp's philosophy is more current than ever - and the Kneipp® experts ensure that the 125 years of expertise in nature are relevant today. The traditional brand Kneipp® stands for effective, innovative and natural product concepts for well-being and health based on the holistic teachings of Sebastian Kneipp.