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Laverana GmbH & Co. KG
Berliner Str. 1-3
30952 Ronnenberg


Thomas Haase: Organic and natural cosmetics for everyone everywhere

Defying all his critics, Thomas Haase started developing effective cosmetics with a 100% natural basis, founding the company Laverana and the brand lavera on November 23, 1987. The company name Laverana already reveals that the brand and company are inextricably connected, as "lavera" stands for "true" and "na" for "natural cosmetics". In a time when everything revolved around chemicals, Thomas Haase discovered his lifelong dream and dedicated his life to a vision of "organic and natural beauty care for all". Since 1988, he has been developing the natural personal care market and leading Laverana as its founder and executive partner. The driving force behind Laverana since its foundation remains its goals of democratization, differentiation, and internationalization. Mr. Haase isn't interested in only being a short chapter in a book: he wants to make history, as well as a lasting impact on the world of personal care products.