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Misiluki Company Limited
SSAB Building, Floor 2, Togafuafua Road

"Loto Alofa, do everything from the heart" my mother would say. Sometimes she used words, other times it was the glint in her eye and the tilt of her head.

Smooth glowing skin, a mother's gentle touch and a beautiful smile. The natural beauty of a Samoan woman stems from within her family, culture and her connection with Mother Nature.

Misiluki is my expression of Loto Alofa, the true essence of Fa'a Samoa, the Samoan way. It is my inspiration and cause that empowers me to express my heritage and culture through our products and services.

Lufilufi Rasmussen

Our Values

1. Loto Alofa - Everyone matters.

People are important, connecting with people with the right attitude is always inspiring and encouraging.

2. Environmentally aware.

Misiluki is an advocate for making a positive impact on the environment.

3. Community focused

Community is at the heart because what we do eventually affects the community at large. We value all our relationships, in particular the partnership Misiluki has with Women and Business Development Inc. Through the purchase of locally grown raw ingredients such as the organic virgin coconut oil and fetau oil, the company sees firsthand the positive benefits has for small farmers and their families.

4. Making a difference in local economy

Misiluki makes a positive contribution to the local economy bysupporting locally grown products and re- investing profits in Samoa. 5. The value of "Culture and heritage" Misiluki represents Samoa and tells Samoa's story and the intricacies of our culture the Misiluki way. Many people in this day and age have become disconnected with their families and/or culture. The underlying Samoan values being communicated in our way will resonate with at least one person and make a difference. This is inspiring and makes the Misiluki journey rewarding and empowering.