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oceanBASIS GmbH
Tiessenkai 12
24159 Kiel-Holtenau

Our marine biologists and experts in naturals are researching, developing and marketing products for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Their top priority is the development of new marine active ingredients and natural marine-based cosmetics.

Company's values
sea. The sea is origin of our inspiration and our products.
science. Research and development of marine ressources for health and well-being
solutions. Solving the problems of our present, return to nature's virtue

About Oceanwell
Oceanwell is the world's only certified natural cosmetics line that uses sustainably cultivated Laminaria algae. A new dimension of algae-based cosmetics - as pure as a refreshing sea breeze.


With algae extracts from sustainable aquaculture
Very high concentration of marine actives
Selected naturals raw materials for a high degree of efficiency
Abdication of optical effects due to syntetic substances
Protection of the sea

The sea is the source of all life on earth. To preserve our natural heritage we have to act thoughtfully. oceanBASIS stands for a sustainable utilisation of the “blue pharmacy”. The company  developed the first off-shore algae farm in Germany.

Our bioactive compounds offer outstanding properties and combinations for intensive care of stressed or sensitive skin. They are processed in a gentle way to ensure their optimal biological availability.

We develop new marine active ingredients (e.g. collagen from jellyfish, algae ferment extracts) with eye on sustainability of natural ressources. Our products help keeping the skin's health and beauty.