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ORGANIC WAY is the first professional haircare line based on 0 mile biodynamic extracts, micronised plants, hydrolates and essential oils. A complete products range of extreme quality, designed to meet the needs of all hair types, now extending its philosophy also to care products for face and body with the line OW BEAUTY.

Clean, healthy, natural beauty. Made with extremely high standard ingredients of first choice. Beauty made, especially with transparency. All products of OW BEAUTY line consist of a minimum of 98,8% of active ingredients, oils, extracts, essential oils, emollients derived from natural, organic, biodynamic and ethics origin. in some formulas, this percentage is even 100%.

BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURE. In all our formulas, we add ingredients from certified biodynamic agriculture. The biodynamic method is the purer and cleaner type of cultivation: free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilisers used in conventional agriculture, it respects the plant and the environment. It allows obtaining the purest active ingredients, focused and effective, in respect of health and the ecosystem. the 3 principles of biodynamics:

1. Maintain soil fertility, respecting man, plants, the soil and the Planet
2. Keep plants healthy and strong so that they can defend themselves from climatic adversities, pests and parasites, without the use of any synthetic chemicals
3. Produce ingredients of the highest quality which are full of all their purest functional active ingredients

OZONE OSMOTIC WATER: twice pure. Water is an essential raw material for many cosmetic products, but it is also the vehicle of microbes and bacteria, which may contaminate the formulas. To preserve the maximum purity of our products, the water contained in OW BEAUTY products is subjected to two natural cleansing treatments: reverse osmosis and ozonation. thanks to this double passage, we obtain microbiologically pure water without subjecting the products to ionising radiation. Reverse osmosis is a completely natural process that technology has "borrowed" from Nature. It is a secure and effective system, which separates the water from foreign substances through the use of special membranes, such as semi-permeable or osmotic. These membranes allow pure water filtration and retention of foreign substances both in suspension and dissolved. After reverse osmosis, we proceed to water OZONISATION. Ozone, a natural molecule composed of 3 atoms of oxygen, destroys any micro-organisms residues by oxidation, by breaking the cell membrane in a few seconds. As a result of these processes, the water is microbiologically pure.

PURE AND 100% RECYCLABLE GLASS AND ALUMINIUM. Glass bottles and jars and aluminum tubes to guarantee botanic extracts pureness. All our lines come in pharmaceutical glass bottles and jars, which perfectly preserve and guarantee the purity of our formulas with a high concentration of botanical ingredients. This precious choice is also a sign of respect for the Earth. Glass is of natural origin and it is 100% and infinitely recyclable. Aluminium is a resistant material: it does not corrode or deteriorate. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for delicate products, like cosmetics. Moreover, aluminium is 100% and infinitely recyclable. Just think that aluminium recycling uses an amount of energy equal to only 5%.

FORMULA DESIGNED TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ALLERGIES. When developing the formulas, ow beauty carried out a careful selection of raw materials, choosing more natural and potentially less irritating ingredients. Accurate clinical tests conducted on volunteers at italian universities allow validating the excellent tolerability of ow products. All products in the line are nickel tested and dermatologically tested: these tests, together with the extreme selection of ingredients in the formulation phase, significantly reduce the risk of sensitisation and allergies.

FAIR TRADE INGREDIENTS. We have activated the cooperation with international networks of fair trade purchase to support the development of the poor countries of the world with our productions. From Amazon, through our supplier- partner, we buy fair trade Patauà oil, while we receive Purple Rice2 from South-East Asia. It is fair trade certified raw materials, obtained through sustainable development projects, which support the economy of local communities.

NATURE+SCIENCE= RESULTS. When it comes to natural products, you often think about products with limited results and effectiveness. in fact, the evolution of green chemistry now enables us to offer natural products of the highest performance. Not only: in OW BEAUTY, we choose to add to each product of the line a SUPER-ACTIVE. It is an active ingredient or a complex of concentrated active, providing the highest performance, which makes our products ultra-effective and also suitable to fight specific aesthetic imperfections. This combination of nature and science makes the OW BEAUTY products unique, since they guarantee not aggressive formulas, which at the same time improve, treatment after treatment, the quality of our skin. And the quality of our life.