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Traditional & organic cosmetic

Gift of the earth, sun and sea........

Unique products are a combination of organic extra virgin sesame oil, Fleur de Sel from the Adriatic Sea and essential oils from traditional and carefully selected micro-locations of organic origin. A hand-made mixture of natural ingredients has been selected with care for the optimal effect of Quarnero products: Body care oils , Bath salt and Wellness and spa products.


Quarnero's story and products fit perfectly with the tradition of the Kvarner region which dates back to 1885 and Andrija Lindarić's distillery on the island of Cres. The reputation of the oils produced at the time reached even America. The benefits of sage, immortelle, laurel, fennel and lavender from one of the best micro-locations in the world have enjoyed world-wide recognition throughout history. This tradition continues with the enthusiasm and love of the Quarnero's team. According to the alchemists, each disease can be cured by a particular plant. Therefore, Quarnero's philosophy is to help a modern life style to realize the importance of getting back to nature and the use of plants.

Quarnero's approach gives priority to health, however it does not disregard the aesthetic component.


Quarnero products - top quality products

All products:

Are certified by prestigious NaTrue certificate for organic and natural products
Are suitable for Vegans and are registered by Vegan Society
Contain cold pressed extra virgin organic oils
Contain plants from biodynamic and organic cultivations and wild plants
Contain top quality 100% pure and natural essential oils
The ingredients are not tested on animals
The finished products are not tested on animals
No use of genetically modified plants
Production processes in accordance with strict ecological standards
Packaging material is entirely biodegradagle and recyclable

The products do not contain:

Synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives
Paraffin oil and other raw materials deriving from petrochemicals
Components of animal origin

Violet glass

With respect to ingredients, naturalness, potency, storage life and other important criteria we packing our products in violet glass.
It protects the quality and value and prolongs shelf life of oil and sea salt.
Bottles of violet glass is a new product on the market, in accordance with all standards and requirements of the quality system. Fully protect our products and preserve valuable materials from the effects of light.

Love, positive intention and joy have accompanied the creation and the production of our products.