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Head Comfort Organic Aroma Roll-On

This product is NATRUE-certified. We guarantee, this product is an authentically natural or organic cosmetic.

Organic Cosmetics At least 95% of natural and/or derived natural ingredients, where applicable, stem from organic agriculture or controlled harvesting of wild plants.

Product Properties

This hassle-free roll on provides quick refreshment and focus.

Main Ingredients

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil energizes the mind, relieving tension and fatigue. Organic Rosemary Essential Oil improves mental clarity. Organic Peppermint Water enlivens the skin and senses.


Perfect as a travel take-along, and for use at work. Roll onto neck, forehead and temples as needed, and breathe deeply. Shake before use.

100% Natural. Dermatologist Tested. Our ingredients and products are not tested on animals.