NATRUE - True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Certifier - CCPB ltd

Certifying in:
Egypt, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and other 30 countries all over the world

Costanza Marri
Carla Pinti
Serena Quadri
Badr El Fartass

As of new NATRUE requirements CCPB is the first NATRUE certifier accredited by IOAS since 2015

CCPB srl is an Inspection and Certification Body for agrifood and "no food" products obtained in organic and eco friendly production.

Thanks to its 30 years certification experience in the organic productions and the consequent main authorizations received (Reg EC 834/2007, NOP, JAS, COR, Ifoam, etc), CCPB has been developed a specific experience in the cosmetic field since 2004.

CCPB has always and strongly believed in the NATRUE design for the reliability and the scientific accuracy of its standard and the potentiality of the natural and organic cosmetics filed. CCPB is the first Italian certification body to support NATRUE and the first body to get the specific accreditation by IOAS.

In these last years CCPB has developed a staff of technicians and internal qualified auditors and under a continuous training in cosmetics and NATRUE it entrusted skilled external experts to get a stronger scientific support, in particular for the evaluation of formulas and ingredients. After more than ten years, CCPB may confirm the great support of NATRUE for the success of Italian companies in the national and international market.

As regards the Natrue certification, CCPB is in a position to operate anywhere in the world. CCPB works in a way which is appropriate for any market, consumer and certified company requirement. Its aim, therefore, is to make the inspection and certification process as transparent as possible, at the same time optimising the organisational aspects of its activity and improving its performance levels.

Today CCPB certifies about 13.000 companies, 12.000 of them for Organic branch. These companies are count big retailers, small and medium companies, start ups. About a third of the total Organic market turnover is certified by CCPB. Certification can be very important for the growth of production branches.