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Formula Approval Database

Companies can apply for NATRUE Formula Approval by submitting their formulation for verification by a NATRUE Approved Certifier. A Formula Approval Certificate (valid for two years) will be issued by the NATRUE Approved Certifier upon the successful verification of the documents. The production audit is not required. It is an approval – not a certification!

The formulas in this database have been approved. The companies can be contacted if you wish to develop NATRUE certified products from these formulas.

4 of 4 approved formulas
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crema idratante viso Area derma laboratorio cosmetico di Biopels srl & c. sas 21,334% Natural (21,094% Organic)
15% Derived natural
15% Derived Natural (Total / not out of Organic)
2% Nature-identical
61,25% Water
Organic Cosmetics
Handcreme NATRUE Kosmetik Konzept Kosmetik Konzept GmbH 12,49% Natural (66,26% Organic)
11,41% Derived natural (43,94% Organic)
11,41% Derived Natural (Total / not out of Organic)
1% Nature-identical
74,51% Water
Natural Cosmetics
LipNature Lipbalm 96,1% Natural (81,53% Organic)
3,9% Derived natural
3,9% Derived Natural (Total / not out of Organic)
Natural Cosmetics with organic portion
Natural Cream Base (AAAF0004) The Cosmetic Company Ltd 14.52% Natural
6.19% Derived natural
79.02% Water
Natural Cosmetics