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How to certify

Certification is possible for both raw materials and finished products.
The process is the same and follows widely recognized processes and procedures of product certification.

Getting started:

  • Read the NATRUE Label Criteria: it is very important to assess if products (or raw materials) in their current state comply with the NATRUE Label criteria or if the formulation needs to be modified. By looking at the documents available on the NATRUE website the company will also be able to assess which kind of documents they will be required to provide in the certification phase. 
  • Contact a NATRUE Approved Certifier: NATRUE does not play a role in the choice of the certification body. They are geographically spread around the world and ensure NATRUE certification wherever your company is based. It is recommended to contact two or three certification bodies simultaneously in order to inquire about the availability and costs of each. They will be happy to come back to you with an offer. 

As soon as you have agreed to cooperate with one of the certification bodies, they will guide your company through the certification process in close collaboration with NATRUE and its Scientific Committee Criteria and Label.

Want to know more? Further details are available in the document CERTIFICATION PROCESS

Once the products (or raw materials) have been certified, they will then be subjected to the NATRUE seal fee, which is invoiced directly by NATRUE and allows the company to use the Label.

The Label Fee is applicable to both finished products and raw materials. Further information are available here: LABEL FEE Finished products and LABEL Fee Raw Materials

NATRUE has developed a special project which has been tailor-made for third party manufacturers and laboratories: the NATRUE formula Approval.

Please download the FORMULA APPROVAL document to discover more.