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NATRUE Criteria

The NATRUE Standard is developed by the NATRUE Scientific Committee Criteria and Label. The Standard is available in several languages in order to facilitate understanding; however, please note that the legally binding version is English.

The Standard is usually updated three times p/year (February/June/October).

If you are already a NATRUE Label User, please regularly consult the latest updated version of the Standard.

English (version 3.5)
Deutsch (version 3.5)
Français (version 3.5)
Danske (version 3.5)
Italiano (version 3.5)
Рyссkий (version 3.5)
Japanese (version 3.5)
ελληνικά (version 3.5)
Español (version 3.5)


Annexes Version 3.5

Guidance: Perfumes