NATRUE - True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics

History of NATRUE

NATRUE’s Founder Members are the pioneers and largest producers of authentic Natural and Organic Cosmetic products in Europe and, Europe is a world leader.

The oldest companies were founded almost 100 years ago and started producing Natural and Organic Cosmetics in the sixties.
Consumers purchasing natural beauty products made and still make a conscious choice based on the fundamental belief that it is a healthier one and better for the environment (natural vs. artificial ingredients).

The NATRUE Members realised the need for and tried to promote the launch of an international label.
To the contrary however, national labels started appearing in different European Member States and sometimes multiple labels in one Member State. This was and still is confusing for the consumer and impossible from the point of formulation compliance and certification costs for authentic producers (SMEs).

To further complicate the situation, in recent years the mainstream cosmetic industry realised that Natural and Organic Cosmetics offered an important market opportunity.  Being a dynamic but undefined sector of tightly regulated industry, products with minimum natural and/or organic ingredients started appearing on the market claiming to be natural and/or organic. 

NATRUE Members realised there was an urgent need to provide the sector with a voice via an international representative body for two major reasons.

Regulation: Cosmetics regulations were becoming ever more complex – authentic natural and organic SMEs needed guidance and their concerns to be heard at European and international (as opposed to national) regulatory decision-making level. In an expanding market there was also clearly a need to ensure continued availability of premium raw materials whilst respecting sustainable biodiversity. Finally, inappropriate regulation banning natural and/or organic ingredients is consequential as opposed to a synthetic ingredient which can innovate new synthetic ingredients through R&D… nature cannot be replaced or invented.

International definition of Natural and Organic Cosmetics: Consumers were confused – manufacturers could not comply with multiple different national standards, greenwashing was increasing at a rapid pace – something had to change. There was an urgent need to provide the sector with an international voice and pending a strict regulatory definition, an international, strict, transparent and non-profit label.

The NATRUE Organisation was founded in the autumn of 2007.

The Secretariat was launched in June 2008.