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No.13 in UK natural beauty industry 'Who's Who'

Dr Mark Smith, Director General of NATRUE, has been voted No.13 in in this year's 'Who's Who in Natural Beauty', published in the autumn issue of Natural Beauty News. Voted for by the natural and organic beauty industry, the Top 25 provides an overview of the leading industry personalities who are shaping and influencing the UK's natural beauty industry. This year's list includes beauty brands, retailers, distributors, beauty writers, make-up artists and bloggers - all championing natural and organic cosmetics.

Mark was appointed as Director General of NATRUE in July 2016, and is responsible for the running of NATRUE, having a leading role in the association's political, regulatory and scientific affairs. Today Mark speaks at international symposiums, conferences and industry events, communicating the work of NATRUE and the importance of meaningful certification standards for natural and organic cosmetics.

Mark was delighted to hear the news, commenting:

"I am delighted and honoured that in our 10th anniversary year we are celebrating having both a member of the NATRUE team and a NATRUE founder member (Weleda) amongst such influential grouping. NATRUE is extremely grateful for the recognition given by those who voted, and we take this with us as part of our continuing mission to protect the authenticity of the natural and organic cosmetic sector."

The new Who's Who in natural beauty top personalities is announced as follows:

1 Jayn Sterland - Weleda
2 Sarah Brown - Pai Skincare
3 Kim & Alexander Barani - Kinetic Enterprises
4 Lucy Pottinger - Holland & Barrett
5 Lorraine Dallmeier - Botanical Beauty
6 Lauren Bartley - The Soil Association
7 Kirstie & Luke Sherriff - Pinks Boutique
8 Sonia White - Love Lula
9 Jo-Anne Chidley - Beauty Kitchen
10 Helen Yeardsley - Pegasus PR
11 Fiona Klonarides - Beauty Shortlist
12 Janey Lee Grace - broadcaster & journalist
13 Dr Mark Smith - NATRUE
14 Amanda Barlow - Made for Life Organics
15 Imelda Burke - Content Beauty
16 Jale Demirchi - Jalue
17 Rebecca Goodyear - Rebecca Goodyear Health & Beauty
18 Laura Rudoe - Evolve Beauty
19 Margo Marrone - The Organic Pharmacy
20 Mark Steele - Waitrose
21 Graeme Hume - Pravera
22 Josephine Fairley - The Beauty Bible
23 Louise Dartford - Lou Dartford Green Beauty
24 Ben Wigley - Big Green Smile
25 Tabitha James Kraan - Tabitha James Kraan Organic Haircare

NATRUE’s recommendations for i...

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During SANA 2017, NATRUE introduced new communication tools designed to help consumers defend themselves from this ever-growing phenomenon. The new video in Italian, which has been previewed at the show (available on the YouTube Channel of the Association ) explains in a simple and modern way how to recognize true natural and organic certified products. In addition, the video points out the importance for NATRUE to be present and active in Brussels, the centre of decision-making processes, in order to protect true natural and organic cosmetics.

Inside the exhibition area visitors were able to leave their posts on a blackboard and under the hashtag #labelyoucantrust they could comment live on social networks on their experience at the stand of the Association.

"Consumers like Emma, ​​the protagonist of our video, want the products they buy to be natural and organic but they know that some may not really be; therefore, the NATRUE label offers a guarantee of naturalness in a clear and transparent way," said Francesca Morgante, NATRUE Label and Communication Manager.

The NATRUE standard, chosen from more than 5,000 products, 230 brands in 30 countries, is a guarantee label that was established to offer consumers the chance to choose true natural and organic beauty products. The standard sets three certification levels: Natural Cosmetics, Natural Cosmetics with Organic Components (at least 70% organic) and Organic Cosmetics (95% or more organic). In addition, the certification process is carried out by third party and independent organisations that verify product compliance to the standard.

In the area shared with its members Weleda and Naturativ who presented their product novelties, NATRUE has thus made a point on the trend of certified natural and organic cosmetics in the year of its tenth anniversary that was celebrated on Sunday 10th September at the stand with all its companies and partners. In fact, Sana has been chosen as the last Italian stage of the "10th Anniversary on Tour" which sees the association engaged until December in promotional activities in all major industry events.

"From Sana until the end of the year, NATRUE will be committed to responding to a number of challenges that are first of all linked to the new ISO 16128 guideline, of which the second part related to the criteria for natural cosmetics is expected to be published in the fall. This guideline, unlike the private standards, even allows the use of GMOs and synthetic ingredients, thus not only endangering consumers' confidence in natural and organic products but also affecting the important achievements of the sector", concludes Dr. Mark Smith, Director General of NATRUE.

NATRUE headed ad interim by An...

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Brussels, September 29th, 2017

Due to recent changes at the NATRUE member company Laverana, Klara Ahlers, former managing director of Laverana has resigned from her role as President of NATRUE. NATRUE Vice President Andreas Sommer will be chairing the work of the NATRUE Board of Directors during the interim period until the next membership assembly in spring 2018.

Andreas Sommer is Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) for the Weleda Group and a member of the Weleda Executive Board.

Dr Henrike Neuhoff, Chief Science Officer (CSO) at Laverana, will henceforth represent her company at NATRUE.

On behalf of all the NATRUE members, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Klara Ahlers for her valuable contribution to our organization, both professionally as well as personally. During her 10 years as a Board member and especially, her 5 years as President of our organization, she has shaped NATRUE substantially and has helped build a worldwide network of likeminded individuals and organizations.

We wish Klara Ahlers all the best for the future.

NATRUE is a Brussels based international non-profit association committed to promoting and protecting Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide. Founded in 2007, we provide a home to all true friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics and embrace all who commit to our high standards of quality and integrity.

NATRUE is hiring!

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Regulatory and Scientific Officer

NATRUE is looking for a highly motivated candidate seeking a long-term managerial opportunity in regulatory and scientific affairs. Candidates should show practical skills, high motivation for work, flexibility, and team spirit working with a dynamic and international team in Brussels.

Key Responsibilities:
The candidate will be responsible for two main areas of work within the Association:

1. Regulatory and Scientific activities (Association)

  • Identify strategic scientific and regulatory challenges via regular monitoring in the natural and organic cosmetic sector and related fields and coordination with internal working groups
  • Define scientific and regulatory strategy/policy making by submitting proposals to Director General in close cooperation with the technical delegates of the member companies
  • Organize and follow scientific projects as defined by the Director General and Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Be responsible of the Regulatory and Scientific working group and any other task force as defined by the Director General and BOD
  • Management of the association's role in EU-funded project consortium

2. NATRUE Criteria (Label)

  • Responsible for the update and interpretation of the NATRUE Label Criteria
  • Responsible for the Scientific Committee Criteria and Label
  • Responsible for the follow-up of technical inquiries on the Criteria (including those from the network of certification bodies working with NATRUE, Label Users and members companies, press, etc.)

Other tasks:

  • EU project management
  • Participation at international events, trade fairs, conferences
  • Support the office with meeting management, translations, and other tasks when required

Reporting lines

  • The candidate reports to the Director General and BOD via reports, conference call and meetings
  • The candidate will support the team in scientific/regulatory matters as of need


  • Master Degree level or higher in either Cosmetics, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical or Biomedical Sciences
  • The candidate should have experience in a similar mid-level managerial role or other technical role, and ideally with experience in regulatory affairs · Excellent time management and interpersonal skills
  • Able to maintain accuracy when multi-tasking
  • Ability to identify prioritise and co-ordinate workload to ensure support for co-workers and members of the association
  • High level of computer literacy

Desirable qualities:
Highly motivated: self-driven; resilient; team-oriented; Distinct language skills: Fluency in English with one other EU language; fluency or professional proficiency in German is desirable and French a plus.

Please send CV with cover letter to Ms Menouch Solimani Start 01/09/2017

From municipal solid waste to ...

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Since 1st June 2017, NATRUE has been partner of an exciting and innovative EU-funded new sustainability initiative, URBIOFIN, whose objective is to transform the organic part of municipal solid waste into biobased products, including product packaging.

Having been committed to protecting and promoting authentic Natural and Organic Cosmetics for ten years - a sector which is increasingly moving thanks to the constant and growing focus on sustainability -, NATRUE is delighted to be participating in the European sustainable URBIOFIN project. The latter is coordinated by the Spanish engineering company IMECAL and it has received funding from the Bio Based Industries joint Undertaking under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 745785.

In its role as a project partner, NATRUE "gives another important signal for sustainability and active responsibility. The Association joined the industry consortium project to help solve environmental pollution and contribute to the transition to a renewable circular bio-economy through sustainably converting municipal waste into targeted products like cosmetic packaging", explains NATRUE President Klara Ahlers.

NATRUE participated in the kick-off meeting of the URBIOFIN project which was held on 12th and 13th June 2017 in Valencia, Spain. Expected to run for four years, URBIOFIN will demonstrate how ten tonnes of organic urban waste can be converted into biobased products per day, thereby validating the entire value chain including the involvement of waste management authorities in all 28 European Member States as well as the validation of products selected by end consumers. The aim is to move towards a more sustainable bioeconomy by obtaining valuable and marketable bioproducts, such as cosmetic product packaging, from urban waste.

For more information on the project, click here.

NATRUE held its 10th anniversa...

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The annual meeting presents an opportunity to discuss the challenges for the NOC sector, and exchange ideas with key industry players. Guests listened to a stimulating panel discussion entitled "The EU Regulatory framework for Natural & Organic Cosmetics: Commitment to the future", with keynote speakers including Joëlle Meunier (Expert Cosmétiques S.P.F. Santé Publique - Health Belgium), Dr Gerald Renner (Director Technical Regulatory Affairs, Cosmetics Europe), Caroline Chaine (Secretary General of ASPA-INGRECOS; Technical Expert EFfCI), and Juliette Leroux (Campaigner Greens/European Free Alliance, European Parliament).

"As part of today's debate, NATRUE is delighted to see how much interest there is around natural and organic cosmetics, and how the sector as a whole is moving towards greener ingredients and sustainability. It remains the case that due to the lack of official definition for natural and organic cosmetics, private standards still play a role in supporting consumers' decisions. To this end, by advocating for appropriate legislation to protect ingredients and promoting a strict standard, our association ensures consumers worldwide receive the quality products they expect." Mark Smith, NATRUE Director General

10 Years of NATRUE
The NATRUE Association has seen steady growth over the past 10 years, with a total of more than 60 Members from over 20 countries worldwide. Moreover, a total of 35 new international brands adopted the NATRUE Label during 2016 leading to over 230 certified brands worldwide. The Association celebrated passing the milestone of 5,000 NATRUE certified products, with many others already in the pipeline expected to be certified before the 10th anniversary comes to a close.

New Video to inform consumers about the role of NATRUE
NATRUE screened a new film - an engaging new video, which explains what NATRUE stands for and how consumers can avoid greenwashing by looking for the NATRUE label on product packaging. The video is available to view on YouTube NATRUE's Channel:

"With over 5000 NATRUE certified products we have reached a remarkable milestone. However this achievement is far more than just a figure. We are keen to engage with those companies who share our values, and we believe in a responsibility to inform consumers of the risks of greenwashing. For consumers like Emma, the main character of our brand-new video, who wants her products to be natural and organic but knows that some may not be as natural or organic as they say they are - NATRUE is here to help."
Francesca Morgante, NATRUE Label & Communication Manager

New Sustainability Project Announced
NATRUE announced its future participation in an exciting and innovative new sustainability project, which will transform consumer waste into packaging for new products in the organic industry. NATRUE will be a partner in the EU-funded URBIOFIN project 'Horizon 2020' which will run from 1 June 2017 for 4 years.

"For 10 years, NATRUE has been committed internationally to protecting and promoting the authentic natural cosmetics sector in Europe and worldwide. In addition, with its participation in the EU research project Horizon 2020 that starts in June 2017, NATRUE gives another important signal for sustainability and active responsibility. The Association joined the industry consortium project to help solve environmental pollution and contribute to the transition to a renewable circular bio-economy through sustainably converting municipal waste into targeted products like cosmetic packaging." Klara Ahlers, NATRUE President

The meeting concluded with a colourful cocktail reception to celebrate NATRUE's Anniversary and everyone was invited to raise their glasses to the Association's 10-year commitment to natural and organic cosmetics.






NATRUE Annual Membership Assem...

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On Tuesday 30th May, the Natural and Organic Cosmetics sector will gather in Brussels for NATRUE’s Membership Assembly. Not only will this annual get-together represent a dynamic platform for exchange of information on trending topics and for discovering the latest developments and challenges ahead of the Association, but also provide a wonderful opportunity to celebrate NATRUE’s 10th Anniversary.

Therefore, the NATRUE President, Mrs Klara Ahlers, is pleased to formally invite Members of the Association and friends of NATRUE to the 10th Anniversary Membership Assembly, to be held on:

Tuesday, 30th May, 2017

from 10.30 am onwards

@The Hotel Brussels

Boulevard de Waterloo 38, 1000 Brussels


The programme of the day will include the following activities:

In the morning, attendees will be presented the future commitments and the organisational structure of NATRUE as well as updates on all the accomplishments of the Association over the whole year 2016 in its main fields of activity, including advocacy, label and research.

For the participants who will attend the event during the entire day, they will have the opportunity to experience a stimulating panel discussion, entitled “The EU regulatory framework for Natural and Organic Cosmetics: Commitment to the future” with keynote speakers, and take part in an interactive Q&A session.  

Speakers include:

MEP representative (European Parliament)

Joëlle Meunier (Expert cosmétiques S.P.F. Sante publique - Health Belgium)

Dr Gerald Renner (Director Technical Regulatory Affairs, Cosmetics Europe)

Caroline Chaine (Secretary General of ASPA-INGRECOS; Technical Expert EFfCI)

TBC (representative from cosmetic SME association [UEAPME/COSMED])

Juliette Leroux (Campaigner Greens/European Free Alliance, European Parliament)

Last but not least, after concluding remarks by the NATRUE President, all participants are invited to a cocktail reception in honour of NATRUE’s 10th Anniversary and raise their glasses to the Association’s 10 years of commitment – and challenges ahead. We look forward to your registration and to welcoming you in Brussels!

 Please register here

5,000 products now carry NATR...

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10 years of NATRUE
NATRUE was founded in 2007 by pioneers of Natural and Organic Cosmetics in order to establish an internationally uniform standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics as the multiple different national labels that existed generated confusion among consumers. NATRUE successfully took up this challenge and developed a transparent, international standard.  Since then, products of over 230 manufacturers from 30 different countries carry the NATRUE Label. Klara Ahlers, NATRUE President, says: “10 years of NATRUE and over 5,000 certified products – we are proud of what we have achieved over the last years in collaboration with our partners. Our goal is to continue raising awareness of natural skin care, and to protect and promote this internationally.“

From BB creams to nail varnish: the evolution of NATRUE and natural cosmetics
The first product certified to the NATRUE standard was a body oil. This marked the beginning of many other products that followed suit: in 2009, 400 products were certified, followed by another 600 in 2010. Since then, the number of certified products carrying the NATRUE seal has continued to grow internationally. The variety of certified products also helped to track the evolution of Natural and Organic Cosmetics. Over the last eight years, the product diversity, and hence the choice for consumers, has increased sharply – from hair and men care products to decorative cosmetics for the face and nails. For instance, just a few years ago, it was unthinkable to have a nail varnish in certified natural cosmetics quality, and yet today several NATRUE certified manufacturers have launched their own nail polish lines onto the market. Furthermore, NATRUE certified products now also include megatrends such as BB and CC creams, highlighters and products with natural actives.

A glimpse into the future
As this development shows, the natural cosmetics sector is growing stronger and more diverse than ever before. We see the potential for this trend to continue into the future. Yet with the second part of the ISO guidelines for Natural and Organic Cosmetics expected to be complete this year, we have so far seen from the first part a notable  weakening in the definitions of natural ingredients from the stronger definitions present in current private standards, like NATRUE’s. For NATRUE, any justified use of petrochemical and GMO ingredients for Natural and Organic cosmetics according to these guidelines may also undermine consumers’ trust in the industry in the future. Therefore, it is crucial that Natural and Organic Cosmetics provide the consumer with authentic end products that embody transparency and trust. NATRUE is fully committed to a standard that provides high quality criteria in an international standard for the benefit of consumers worldwide.

NATRUE Pavilion at Natural & O...

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10th Anniversary for NATRUE

After last year's success of the first ever NATRUE Pavilion at Natural & Organic Products Europe at London's ExCel, the Association will once again host a joint stand of NATRUE certified brands (in the Natural Beauty & Spa area, Stand B50) on 2-3 April where NATRUE will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

NATRUE will be inviting guests onto the stand to raise their glasses on Monday 3 April at 2pm in celebration of the Association's commitment to the natural and organic cosmetics sector since its foundation in 2007, and to learn about the Association's biggest achievements over the past decade and the future challenges for the sector that lie ahead.

The NATRUE Pavilion will demonstrate the truly international nature of the NATRUE standard for certified natural and organic cosmetics worldwide. Almost 5000 products are currently certified covering more than 230 cosmetic brands, and over 200 individual raw materials.

The Pavilion will be raising awareness of NATRUE's high certification standards and its benefits for consumers, manufacturers and retailers alike. The stand will be an information hub where visitors can find out about the NATRUE seal and what differentiates those brands bearing it on their packaging. In addition, visitors can chat to industry pioneers and discover new ranges.

A colourful mix of brands will join forces at N&OPE under the umbrella of the NATRUE Pavilion: Ÿ

- Lavera (Germany) was a founder member of NATRUE in 2007 - manufacturer of lavera Naturkosmetik Ÿ
- Logocos (Germany) - also a founder member - manufacturer of brands Logona, Sante, Heliotrop and Fitne Ÿ
- Gala Cosmetici (Italy) - manufacturer of brands Bio Happy and Delidea Bio

NATRUE's Director General Dr Mark Smith commented:
"Natural & Organic Products Europe has become the place-to-be for everyone involved in the natural and organic cosmetics sector. We are thrilled to be hosting our second NATRUE Pavilion this Spring, and look forward to celebrating our decennial anniversary with everyone in the vibrant setting of the show at London's ExCel".

Join Dr Mark Smith in the Natural Beauty Theatre for what promises to be a lively debate:

Panel Session: Sustainability in the Beauty Industry
Monday, 3 April 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Speaking: Dr Mark Smith (NATRUE), Jayn Sterland (Weleda), Jo Chidley (Beauty Kitchen), Joanne Hill (Amaranth), Jo Fairley (journalist)

Panel Discussion: ISO Standard for Natural & Organic Cosmetics: Update and Outlook
Monday, 3 April 1:10 pm - 1:50 pm
Speaking: Dr Mark Smith (NATRUE), Lauren Bartley (Soil Association), Amarjit Sahota (Organic Monitor)

The NATRUE team looks forward to welcoming visitors and Press to the Pavilion.

NATRUE to celebrate its first ...

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How have certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics evolved over the last ten years? What are the new formulations and trends? These will be the key topics NATRUE will explore during its participation at COSMOPROF 2017 where the international non-profit association that has been promoting and protecting Natural and Organic Cosmetics since 2007 will celebrate its 10 years of commitment.

In the large exhibition space (Stand A9 in Hall 21N), NATRUE, which has almost 5000 certified products of over 230 brands from 30 countries worldwide, will look into the most significant stages of this developing sector. The association will explain how certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics have progressively evolved, focusing on innovative formulations with new ingredients such as those fermented by microorganisms and the development of biotechnology which lie at the centre of an increasingly sustainable and environmentally conscious production.

NATRUE will be exhibiting with representatives of 6 member companies including some of the founding members of the association: Dr. Hauschka (WALA GmbH, Germany), HA-THA (DT GmbH Bio-Wellness, Germany), lavera (laverana GmbH, Germany), Logocos (LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG, Germany), Naturativ (AROMEDA Sp. Z.o.o., Poland), and Weleda (Weleda AG, Germany) who will present their NATRUE certified skincare and latest hero products which visitors will have the opportunity to try.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics, free from synthetic raw materials (such as petroleum derivatives, silicones and surfactants), are based on natural ingredients (or of natural origin) such as plant extracts, vegetable oils, essential oils that, over the last decade, have refined texture and performance.

"We are witnessing key trends in the certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics sector. The products are becoming increasingly efficient thanks to the use of new natural and organic raw materials or to a different usage of them. At the same time, the greenwashing phenomenon still persists which is why, in the absence of an official regulation or mandatory seals in Europe, we think it is important to help consumers identify labels like ours based on strict criteria in order to guarantee the authenticity of true Natural and Organic Cosmetic products", stated Dr. Mark Smith, NATRUE Director General