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NATRUE welcomes Biotechnicon, ...

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"We are very happy about the possibility of accompanying Croatian and more generally companies in the Balkan region through the NATRUE Certification process" explains Ms Ana Marusic Lisac, Managing Director of Biotechnicon "Companies can certify locally with us and benefit from a trustworthy label for natural and organic cosmetics recognized by consumers at international level".

"NATRUE is always looking for new partnership with certification bodies worldwide" affirms Ms Francesca Morgante, NATRUE Label Manager. "To date NATRUE can count on 23 NATRUE Approved Certifiers from 12 different countries and we continue to receive new requests. With the NATRUE Label growing at an average of 75 new products p/month it is not surprising that Certification Bodies are interested in certifying according to our scheme" continues Ms Morgante.

"Moreover since October 2013 the NATRUE Accreditation Program is fully operational and this will reinforce the trust in our certification system".

NATRUE is partnering with IOAS with regards to the Accreditation for Certification Bodies. The program combines the deep understanding of the natural and organic cosmetic sector together with the most widely recognized procedures for product certification, leading to an unprecedented combination of knowledge and integrity in the interest of companies and consumers. The current NATRUE Approved Certifiers are requested to switch to the new accreditation system according to a publically available timeframe. First Accreditation are expected to come at the beginning of 2015.



NATRUE at Vivaness 2014

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Not only will it be possible to discover a huge selection of NATRUE Certified products, but it will also present an opportunity to learn more about the NATRUE members thanks to the project "NATRUE Members are the protagonists": leaflets and an interactive tool introducing NATRUE members will be available for visitors. "NATRUE is globally recognized for its trustworthy Label, which to date represents almost 3400 certified products on the market, but there is much more news to be unveiled" affirms Julie Tyrrell, Director at NATRUE. "In 2013 we expanded NATRUE requirements for membership resulting in an important number of new members. NATRUE expects this growth to continue in 2014. Today we have approved membership for 18 members from various geographic locations: for example, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and more. Companies have realized that being a NATRUE member provides them with the possibility to play a major role in shaping the future of the sector. SMEs benefit from not only from coordinated communications but also and importantly being ahead of the regulatory curve thanks to regulatory and scientific updates, all carefully selected, analysed and managed by the NATRUE team" continues Ms Tyrrell. Special Event: NATRUE is very pleased to invite the press and the public to its conference "The NATRUE Organization: an interactive session presenting current challenges and achievements" taking place on Thursday 13 February 2014 between 15.00 and 15.45 in room New Delhi. The session will include the participation of Dr Ana Lucia Vásquez-Caicedo from Fraunhofer Institut. Both NATRUE and Fraunhofer Institut are project partners of the "Organic for Surfactants" project aimed at developing NATRUE compliant surfactants out of organic agriculture waste. The NATRUE team is fully available to schedule appointments and interviews during Vivaness Anybody interested can contact NATRUE via



Asian Summit Tackles Ethical S...

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Although Asia has become a major source of cosmetic ingredients, the sustainable sourcing of raw materials is often questioned. The summit will discuss best-practices in sustainable sourcing of cosmetic ingredients. Click here to receive the detailed program.

Each edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit brings together leading organizations involved in sustainability in the beauty industry; including small and large cosmetic companies, ingredient firms, packaging companies, industry associations, certification agencies and NGOs.

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is organised by Organic Monitor.

Organic Monitor is a London-based specialist research, consulting & training company that focuses on the global organic & related product industries. 

NATRUE goes to Japan!

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Dr. Shoko Furuno, NATRUE's Regulatory and Scientific Manager, will be speaking at Biofach Japan on Friday 31st October 2013 - Seminar Room 1. "NATRUE: A home to all true friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics" will highlight the reasons why NATRUE was first founded, and our activities and results to date. She will also explain the core principles behind the NATRUE Label Criteria and certification procedures.

NATRUE will also be happy to welcome visitors at our stand 6-15 where a selection of NATRUE Certified Products will be displayed and information about NATRUE membership, NATRUE EU funded projects/recommendations and much more can be obtained.

Shoko will not be alone in this venture in her homeland: representatives of JAPAL (Japan Association for Pharmaceutical Affairs Law Foundation) will also be there to support. JAPAL was founded with the purpose of enhancing and improving Pharmaceutical Law and related matters especially in the drug and cosmetics sectors.

Since 2012 JAPAL is NATRUE's first Approved Certifier based in East Asia operating predominately in Japan and Korea. JAPAL, together with WELEDA Japan and LOGONA Japan recently launched an extremely informative website about NATRUE, where people can easily access up-to-date news and information in Japanese - see:

"This website will soon be available in Korean and will enable consumers to know which NATRUE Certified products are available in the Japanese market" announced Mr. Takeshi Yoshida, BOD Chairman of JAPAL.

We look forward to meeting you in Tokyo between the 31st October and the 2nd of November, do not miss this great opportunity to get to know more about NATRUE in the context of Biofach Japan.

NATRUE announcing its first me...

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 “Natural Products Scandinavia has been identified as a “must be there”event for NATRUE this year. The awareness and consciousness of Scandinavian consumers about natural cosmetics is higher compared to other areas in Europe. Still, confusion could arise due to the lack of regulation at international level and the proliferation of Labels, which often do not guarantee the same high standard” noted Julie Tyrrell, Director, Public Affairs, NATRUE.

“NATRUE also recently welcomed its very first member from Sweden” continued Ms Tyrrell. ”DZ Wellness also opted for active involvement in our association’s activities further to certifying the brand Dharmazone, to the NATRUE Label”.

Today NATRUE can count on the support of members from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Poland and Sweden and interest is continually growing worldwide.

For those who are interested in learning more Ms Tyrrell will be speaking Sunday 20th October at 12.00 during the session “NATRUE: a platform protecting consumers and industry alike” providing insights about the sector and key information about NATRUE’s mission, activities and challenges.

Together with Ms Tyrrell, Francesca Morgante, NATRUE Label Manager, will
welcome visitors at stand NE35. “Many Scandinavian companies have opted for the NATRUE Label offering consumers natural and organic cosmetics which fulfil strict, transparent and international Criteria. Those companies play an important role representing almost the 9% of the total number of NATRUE Label Users”.

A wide selection of NATRUE certified products, will be available at the stand
together with brochures, information material about NATRUE, its members and
Label Users.

NATRUE welcomes full implement...

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Julie Tyrrell, Director-General of NATRUE, said “the Regulation provides  uniform and clear rules for all cosmetic products in the EU. For us, the most positive aspect is the introduction of “Common Criteria” which identify some principles for cosmetic product claims.”

However natural and organic cosmetics still lack regulatory definition and consumers worldwide are consequently continue to suffer from widespread  Greenwashing of many products found on the shop shelf.

Julie continues, “The Common Criteria is a first step towards fighting   misleading claims but we must continue working towards our ultimate goal; setting a clear and strict international regulatory definition of natural and organic cosmetics so that consumers worldwide can enjoy  natural and organic cosmetics truly worthy of that name.”


NATRUE unites all who commit to our high standard and who support and fight for true natural and organic cosmetics made in honest respect for people and nature. If you want to be part of our movement please do not hesitate to contact us (
We warmly welcome all who wish to join us to reach this common goal.


Note to editors:

NATRUE is the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association based in Brussels and promotes authentic Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide since May 2008. The NATRUE label sets a high standard of quality and integrity so people worldwide can enjoy Natural Cosmetics truly worthy of that name. Over 3000 products have already been certified under the NATRUE label.


Going beyond any expectations ...

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The annual meeting is the occasion to share results and objectives for the future. Several presentations will explore the main areas of activities and will give relevant facts & figures to the audience. Scientific and regulatory updates, EU funded projects, NATRUE label management, networking and lobbying on an international level have been the bread and butter for the NATRUE Secretariat for the last 5 years.

"We face ground-breaking challenges ahead," says Ms. Klara Ahlers, NATRUE President "because the natural and organic cosmetic sector still lacks of regulation at an international level and Greenwashing is undermining consumers trust. But we at NATRUE are confident that by joining forces it is possible to establish relationships based on trust with both consumers worldwide and decision makers. This is what we have been doing since the beginning and the results are better than words: almost 3000 NATRUE Certified products on the market from more than 100 brands worldwide".

The NATRUE Label showed an increase of 28% with regards to brands certified over the last year and continues to grow with an average of more than 70 new products each month.

These are trends which exceed all expectations.
Nevertheless, NATRUE is not self-celebrating.

"These positive results are the basis for future developments" continues Ms, Ahlers "we are delighted to launch the new PR Tool box: a set of posters, brochures and banners which can be used by companies, retailers and friends of NATRUE in order to gain knowledge and understanding by consumers what the NATRUE Label stands for and why it is trustworthy. The inspiring pictures and clear texts, together with a coordinated image will help a lot in raising awareness of NATRUE and NATRUE Certified products"

For the first time NATRUE will...

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"Natural and Organic Products Europe is a must in the calendar of international events dedicated to natural and organic products. The high number of UK and international exhibitors, together with the valuable conference program, makes the 2-day event an excellent opportunity for NATRUE", commented Julie Tyrrell, NATRUE Director General.

NATRUE staff will welcome visitors - stand 3114 - with a wide selection of NATRUE certified products, including Weleda, Dr. Hauschka, Lavera, Beyond Organic and many others. Also representatives of the Biodynamic Association, UK based NATRUE Approved Certifier, will be at the stand at any time to explain to companies how to obtain the NATRUE Label.

"There is a great potential in UK for the spread of the NATRUE Label" added Richard Swann, Biodynamic Association Processing Technical Manager. "Consumers are looking for natural and organic cosmetics truly worthy of that name, and NATRUE offers a strict standard and the possibility of being involved in a fast growing community via the interactive website and the Facebook page - what more could they ask for?"

Information about NATRUE's latest projects has never been so easy to access by UK companies and journalists. NATRUE: Much more than a Label is the title of the talk on Sunday 7th April at 16.00 at the Beauty and Spa theatre presented by Ms. Francesca Morgante, NATRUE Label Manager.

NATRUE and IOAS are launching ...

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To date NATRUE is working with more than 20 NATRUE Approved Certifiers. The system of split responsibilities between NATRUE and the certification bodies guarantees transparency and effectiveness and is a key contributor to the tremendous success of the Label.

The IOAS Accreditation Program will embrace internationally recognised procedures for the accreditation of the certification bodies and the manner in which they operate with respect to the NATRUE Label scheme. This program will then combine the deep understanding of the natural and organic cosmetic sector together with the most widely recognized procedures for product certification, leading to an unprecedented combination of knowledge and integrity in the interest of companies and consumers.

Dr David Crucefix, Executive Director (Business) of the IOAS welcomes the opportunity to work with NATRUE – "The IOAS’s origins and focus have always been in support of the integrity of organic production and trade, so extending our activity with the well-respected NATRUE Label seems a natural step. We very much look forward to assisting NATRUE in growing the organic and natural cosmetics market"

Ms Julie Tyrrell – Director General of NATRUE – stresses the importance of NATRUE’s collaboration with IOAS: "IOAS’s internationality and not for profit approach fully comply with NATRUE’s principles. Their deep knowledge of the organic sector and the commitment of building trust for organic consumers make IOAS the perfect partner for this important step for NATRUE"

The Accreditation Program will be operational as of September 2013 allowing all current NATRUE Approved Certifiers together with new certification bodies wishing to certify NATRUE to launch the application process.

Both NATRUE and IOAS representatives will be available at Biofach/Vivaness to provide any additional information on this new partnership.

The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association A.I.S.B.L.

NATRUE promotes and protects authentic natural and organic cosmetics since October 2007. The NATRUE Label, managed by the NATRUE ILMC (International Label Management Center), sets a high standard which guarantees quality and integrity so people worldwide may identify and enjoy natural cosmetics truly worthy of that name.

The International Organic Accreditation Service

IOAS is an independent, non-profit organisation that works to ensure trust and fair trade in products from responsible and environmentally-sound sources.

Our main activity is to verify the competence of certification bodies active in the field of organic and sustainable agriculture. We work world-wide, focusing our work solely in this field and apply our unparalleled experience with energy and commitment.

Natural Cosmetics Conference i...

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Natural Cosmetics Congress will once again offer a multifaceted program. Focusing on the current topics of the cosmetics trade, it will provide an ideal platform for extensive networking for decision makers from the industry, retail and research & development.

The natural cosmetics market is undergoing changes. Consumers do not differentiate between near-natural and certified natural cosmetics, but are looking for convincing products. "Natural" is now a frequently used term in the cosmetics market. The market needs strong brands. Several factors will be decisive whetherthe strong influence of natural cosmetics will continue to play a role in the market. Consumer expectations and the role of retail will therefore be the focus ofthis years´ congress. 

Further Information and download service can be found at: