NATRUE - True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics

NATRUE to celebrate its first 10 years of history and to demonstrate the evolution of Natural and Organic Cosmetics at COSMOPROF 2017

How have certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics evolved over the last ten years? What are the new formulations and trends? These will be the key topics NATRUE will explore during its participation at COSMOPROF 2017 where the international non-profit association that has been promoting and protecting Natural and Organic Cosmetics since 2007 will celebrate its 10 years of commitment.

In the large exhibition space (Stand A9 in Hall 21N), NATRUE, which has almost 5000 certified products of over 230 brands from 30 countries worldwide, will look into the most significant stages of this developing sector. The association will explain how certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics have progressively evolved, focusing on innovative formulations with new ingredients such as those fermented by microorganisms and the development of biotechnology which lie at the centre of an increasingly sustainable and environmentally conscious production.

NATRUE will be exhibiting with representatives of 6 member companies including some of the founding members of the association: Dr. Hauschka (WALA GmbH, Germany), HA-THA (DT GmbH Bio-Wellness, Germany), lavera (laverana GmbH, Germany), Logocos (LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG, Germany), Naturativ (AROMEDA Sp. Z.o.o., Poland), and Weleda (Weleda AG, Germany) who will present their NATRUE certified skincare and latest hero products which visitors will have the opportunity to try.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics, free from synthetic raw materials (such as petroleum derivatives, silicones and surfactants), are based on natural ingredients (or of natural origin) such as plant extracts, vegetable oils, essential oils that, over the last decade, have refined texture and performance.

"We are witnessing key trends in the certified Natural and Organic Cosmetics sector. The products are becoming increasingly efficient thanks to the use of new natural and organic raw materials or to a different usage of them. At the same time, the greenwashing phenomenon still persists which is why, in the absence of an official regulation or mandatory seals in Europe, we think it is important to help consumers identify labels like ours based on strict criteria in order to guarantee the authenticity of true Natural and Organic Cosmetic products", stated Dr. Mark Smith, NATRUE Director General