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NATRUE’s engagement for the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will feature sustainable sourcing, green formulations, and social impacts. Hosted in Paris on 5-7th November, this tenth European edition will look at the disruptive influence of new technologies on cosmetic formulations and marketing comprising of four dedicated sessions and a technical workshop.

NATRUE is a sponsor of the event and actively participating to the two days. In particular Dr. Mark Smith, Director General of NATRUE will be moderating part of the Session 2 on "Green Materials" and the panel discussion on 6th November 2018 at 16.15-17.55.

For the first time, the summit will discuss the disruptive influence of new technologies on cosmetic formulations and marketing. New approaches to produce and extract active ingredients will be covered, as well as new technologies that provide traceability and transparency for raw materials. The prospects for artificial intelligence in the beauty industry will be explored. An update will be given on the growing array of green materials making their way into cosmetic & personal care formulations. Details will be given of new botanical actives, as well as ingredients from food side streams. With growing concerns about air pollution and blue light radiation, natural ingredients for environmental protection will be introduced.

Co-hosted with the Summit, the Sustainability Beauty Award winners will be announced with brands from all over the world competing for the five prestigious categories including products, packaging, ingredients, pioneering activities and leadership. In 2017, NATRUE was delighted to celebrate the NATRUE certified brands Alteya Organics from Bulgaria who won the Sustainable Beauty Award in the category Green Formulation, and Trilogy Advanced Natural Skincare who was runner-up for the same category.

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