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Brand image - PAT&RUB

AROMEDA Sp. z.o.o.
Asnyka 2
05520 PL- Konstancin-Jeziorna


No compromise: 100% natural, 100% modern, 100% pleasure

Necessity is the mother of invention! That is exactly how it was in the case of PAT&RUB by Kinga Rusin company. What can you do if the cosmetics you dream of are nowhere to be found. If you dream of cosmetics which are ecological, 100% natural, beautifully scented and quickly absorbing? You may try to produce them! Where? Here in Poland! What from? The best components found in the farthest parts of the earth! How? With the assistance of the best technologists.

And that is how the PAT&RUB company was born in 2007. It's founders and owners are Kinga Rusin and Magda Hajduk-Naklicka. They have been friends for many years. As neighbours, they have exchanged their opinions on the cosmetic market: Magda as a producer, and Kinga as a consumer. That is how the idea to create a company was born. The aim was clear from the beginning: to create the best eco cosmetics on the polish market - NO COMPROMISE: no parabens, no PEG's, no preservatives, no artificial fragrances and petroleum derivatives.

And they have achieved it. PAT&RUB cosmetics can be bought in Sephora Poland and on the internet shop The cosmetics of our dreams were made: excellent in every aspect - wonderfully working, amazing in application, with seductive scent and completely natural. Our delight is shared by both the clients and experts.