NATRUE - True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics


We have a common goal: to safeguard and promote pure authentic natural and organic cosmetics. Based in Brussels, our international Secretariat works passionately to fulfil NATRUE's mission.


Role: Running of NATRUE, lead role in all political, regulatory and scientific affairs of the association - advocacy, research and label.

Mark graduated with a M.Chem (Hons.) degree in chemistry and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. between chemistry and genetics. Before joining NATRUE in June 2014, he extended his research career with two positions covering biotechnology (Leeds, UK) and the biomedical/pharmaceutical sector (Montréal, Canada). Mark is a British national who has more than five years' experience in Scientific Management, and during the last ten years he has been involved in the successful coordination of strategic and collaborative interdisciplinary projects via academic departmental and international research. Mark became Director in July 2016.

Languages: English, French


Phone: +32 2 613 29 32


Role: Responsible for regulatory and scientific activities and for the update and interpretation of the NATRUE Label Criteria

Hana joined NATRUE in October 2017 as Regulatory and Scientific Officer. As a Croatian national living abroad for the past ten years throughout her studies and professional engagements she has been involved in different interdisciplinary and international research projects. Hana graduated with a degree in molecular biology and holds a master and Ph.D. in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition. Before joining NATRUE she was working in the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on international scientific cooperation.

Languages: Croatian, English, Spanish, Italian, German


Phone: +32 2 613 29 31

Cécile Zumbiehl - Label & Communication Assistant

Role: Coordination of label and certification-related activities, support in communications, organisation and participation at events.

Cécile joined NATRUE in May 2018 as Label & Communication Assistant. Freshly graduated from the EM Strasbourg Business School with a Master degree in Business Administration and Management, Cécile also holds a Master's degree in Chemistry and Biology of plants from the University of Strasbourg, where she studied natural active molecules used in the cosmetic industry. Within the framework of these studies, she has completed a number of interships and lived in Zurich (Switerzland) for about 2 years before joining our team in Brussels.

Languages: French, English, German.


Phone: +32 2 613 29 33