Certifying in:
Europe and worldwide with focus on Asia/Pacific (India) and USA


Germany: Beate Berghoff                                                                                              France: Virginie Soula                                                                                                        Spain: Daniel Arlandis                                                                                               India: Mallika S. Mathew
Turkey: Aylin Ünal                                                                                                              Thailand: Virajit Pengbutree

For all other countries, please contact Carmen Holtz (Carmen.Holtz@eco-control.com)

More information about EcoControl here.

EcoControl is certifying natural cosmetics since 2001. EcoControl is independent from any association and offering all certification services for non-food natural and organic products according to all standards common in the cosmetic sector, including ISO-cosmetic GMP as well as sustainability according to the CSE standard. EcoControl is acting worldwide using a network of international inspectors.