Certifying in:
Europe and worldwide with focus on Asia/Pacific (India) and USA

Contact Persons
Germany: Beate Berghoff                                                                                                    France: Virginie Soula                                                                                                        Spain: Daniel Arlandis                                                                                                               India: Mallika S. Mathew                                                                                                          Turkey: Aylin Ünal                                                                                                              Thailand: Virajit Pengbutree                                                                                                      For all other countries, please contact Carmen Holtz

More information about EcoControl here.

EcoControl is certifying natural cosmetics since 2001. EcoControl is independent from any association and offering all certification services for non-food natural and organic products according to all standards common in the cosmetic sector, including ISO-cosmetic GMP as well as sustainability according to the CSE standard. EcoControl is acting worldwide using a network of international inspectors.