Starting January 2020, NATRUE has implemented a new option to further facilitate and promote the formulation of NATRUE certified finished products. From now on, raw material producers can submit their products for evaluation under the Raw Materials Approval Scheme with any of NATRUE’s Approved Certifiers (NACs) to benefit from the use of the NATRUE Label.

What are the conditions of NATRUE’s new Raw Materials Approval Scheme?

Compliant raw materials
Raw materials presently used in NATRUE certified finished products will have a transitional period of 24 months (until January 2022) to be either certified or included in the new approval  system. New raw materials, not already in use, will require approval or certification.  Raw materials which have been determined as compliant by NACs during the certification of the finished product will need to undergo the NATRUE certification or approval process with the NAC of their choice. To make the transition as smooth as possible, NACs are currently contacting all producers of NATRUE compliant raw materials to guide them through the certification and approval processes.

Already certified finished products
Producers of finished products will have a transitional period of 48 months (until January 2024) to formulate their products using exclusively NATRUE approved or NATRUE certified raw materials.

Non-organic and organic raw materials
Under the approval scheme, wholly non-organic raw materials will need to pass documentation check, but on-site audits will not be required.

Organic raw materials falling under the scope of an organic standard or regulation approved in the IFOAM Family of Standards will only require a documentation check. This same rule will apply to raw materials whose organic origin and portion have already been controlled by a standard recognised by NATRUE. If the organic raw material’s origin and portion have not been controlled by a recognised standard, they will have to follow a two-step verification: (1) documentation check; (2) mandatory on-site audit on the first year following the approval (subsequent audits might be needed based on risk assessment by the NAC or if the formula of the raw material changes).

List of approved raw materials and label use

From February 2020 onwards, all NATRUE approved raw materials will be listed in NATRUE’s public database on NATRUE’s website. This procurement database provides raw material producers with a platform to advertise their products whilst informing and assisting manufacturers wishing to certify finished products with the NATRUE Label. Where there is any confidential information about the approved raw material, this will not appear in the public database. The trade name and the producer will be disclosed in all circumstances.

The costs of using the NATRUE Label for approved raw materials is 50€ per raw material for a 2-year approval. After this period, to continue the use of the NATRUE Label, a new payment of the Label fee will be required. NATRUE Label fee costs are independent and separate from any applicable cost payable to the NATRUE Approved Certifier.

Important!: NATRUE approved raw materials will be able to use the NATRUE Label. However, in order to distinguish approved raw materials from certified ones, the wording “NATRUE approved” must be used in conjunction with the seal.

More NATRUE certified/approved raw materials in the market

With the implementation of this new approval scheme, NATRUE reaffirms its position as a strict benchmark for the certification of natural and organic raw materials for the formulation of high-quality natural and organic cosmetics. Dr Mark Smith, NATRUE’s Director General, celebrates the implementation of this new system: “NATRUE has long supported formulators and manufacturers of raw materials through our certification scheme. By implementing NATRUE’s new Raw Materials Approval Scheme, NATRUE has created a platform to hand-in-hand benefit international producers of raw materials and finished products of all sizes to identify, procure, formulate and promote products which jointly adopt the NATRUE Label as established sign of their high-quality, and match the fundamental consumers expectations of authentic natural and organic cosmetics.”

You can access all documents about NATRUE’s Raw Materials Approval Scheme under the section “Certification and approval process” at NATRUE’s website.