Amy Daugherty, Global Head of Marketing for Amala

I’ve been in Luxury and Consumer Goods for most of my 19–year career with roles in Brand Marketing as well as Innovation, Business Development, and Strategy. The last 10 years have been largely devoted to the Beauty and Home industries – working on everything from electric styling tools and natural home fragrance to Dermatologist-focused skincare lines, and now with Amala, in Natural and Organic skincare.

I believe that the natural and organic movement, when you really get down to it, is based on respect for yourself and for everything around you. Being on the inside of many brands and seeing how decisions were made to favor quarterly earnings over the ‘right thing to do’ deeply influenced where and how I wanted to spend the rest of my career. With Amala, I’ve had the privilege to find my home in the wellness industry and with a brand whose philosophy deeply aligns with my personal values.

NATRUE: When and how was Amala created?
Amy Daugherty: Amala was created in 2008 at the foothills of the German Alps. It was developed as the bridge between natural and holistic wellbeing, luxury, and performance skincare. Amala’s roots are found in some of the most beautiful and well-known luxury destination spas in the world such as Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico, and The Dolder Grand in Zurich, Switzerland. Amala is also available at select retail locations and online in Europe with a growing footprint in both Asia, the Middle East, and North America. From the beginning, Amala brought to life a deeply held belief that the blending of whole plants, seed oils, and the earth’s finest minerals had the power to both renew and revitalize the skin. More importantly, it could do so while maintaining a state of balance and harmony. These ideals remain at the core of who Amala is today – something that we are very proud of.

NATRUE: What are the values of Amala?
Amy Daugherty: Amala brings together the wisdom of nature and the precision of science for beautifully pure results. By elevating ‘Wisdom’ to the very top of our ‘food chain’, we take a non-traditional approach to every single aspect of the brand. We don’t make decisions to be trendy and aren’t looking for quick wins with ingredients that may or may not work or may cause more harm than good. We seek to impart change – yes – but not at any cost. Skin should thrive! We see Amala, by extension, as a clear pathway for thriving skin. Internally, we bring this to life with our three core tenets: Nature Thrives. Research Reigns. Precision is Expected. These ideas are far more than words that may live on a plaque but never materialize. Instead, they guide our decision making, keep us accountable, and illuminate our path forward.

NATRUE: What do consumers look for in natural and organic cosmetics in the US?
Amy Daugherty: The US landscape is changing at an incredible speed. Not that long ago, NOC were all about ‘free from’ and things such as efficacy or elegant textures were far from anyone’s consideration. Today, and particularly since Covid-19, consumers want more from their skincare. They are reading labels and asking hard questions but they also expect their products to work just as well if not better than conventional products. On one end of the spectrum is the mature consumer that demands that their skincare is made from the very best materials available. On the other end of the spectrum, there is this younger consumer that believes that skincare should be natural and organic. They’ve grown up thinking that what is right for them is also right for the environment and that there is no middle ground. This mindset is truly inspiring! This generation is the one who is going to force this change to happen and it’s so exciting to be at a brand like Amala that is ready to take on this change.

NATRUE: What are the “star ingredients” of Amala’s products?
Amy Daugherty: Amala’s ingredient philosophy is simple – we only use the purest, most powerful bionutrients that can impart true and proven skin results, naturally. However, if there is one hero ingredient in the Amala line, then it actually is a combination of ingredients. Amala’s exclusive Living Beauty Bioactive Complex is a powerful plant cocktail containing skin revitalizing 23K Rose Gold, Spirulina, Amla (not to be confused with our name, Amala), and Peony.  As a bioferment, this complex is fully bioavailable and is easily absorbed into the skin for truly individualized results.

Additionally, in 2018 Amala incorporated Pre+Probiotic Infusions, or living nutrients, in all but two of our products (our oils). As the brand began to experiment with Pre+Probiotics, the efficacy observed was so outstanding that it was decided to incorporate them across the entire line. Additionally, since all of Amala’s products are formulated with ingredients that are of natural and organic origin, they create the ideal environment for living nutrients, such as Pre+Probiotics, to thrive and deliver their most powerful results on the skin.

NATRUE: Where do the ingredients used in Amala’s products come from
Amy Daugherty: Amala’s ingredients are carefully sourced from all over the world. We rely on a complex network of small farms and industry partners, many of which we have been working with  Amala for over a decade. However, while we seek to include the very best and efficacious ingredients, there have been times where the brand has chosen to forgo an ingredient, even if it is the most trending, hot ingredient because we can’t find a truly sustainable way of cultivating it or a humane way of extracting it. These are tough choices to make and we continue to make them daily. However, we don’t get distracted by these challenges – we wholeheartedly believe that the future will belong to the brands that chose people and planet first.

NATRUE: As an international brand, how is Amala adapting to the new trends and consumer demands in the natural and organic cosmetics sector?
Amy Daugherty: Amala is sold across the globe and the needs of our consumers differ across regions. However, we look at trends from a holistic point of view. We know that many of the trends are, unfortunately, false in nature. Therefore, consumers are 100% in the right when they ask to see real proof when a brand makes a claim. As such, we provide proof – it’s that simple. For efficacy, every single product in the line is armed with a 3rd party clinical trial to support its claims. Our clinical trials are not conducted in-house by testing with friends and family. Instead, they are conducted by a renowned and impartial dermatological lab in Germany.

As for ingredient purity – well, NATRUE plays a significant part in that strategy. We recognize the leadership that NATRUE has provided to an industry that has been clouded by a lack of transparency and accountability. As a long-time partner, we know the rigor that NATRUE puts behind every decision and guidance given. We also know that from a values standpoint, NATRUE’s values come from a place of deep respect for the environment. These values are our values and they are the values of a growing and vocal group of consumers, globally. Consumers are demanding more and we are doing everything in our power to go beyond that demand.

NATRUE: As an international brand, how is Amala adapting to the new trends and consumer demands in the natural and organic cosmetics sector?
Amy Daugherty: There will always be a new, trending ingredient or technology, so it’s important that you stay white-hot focused on what your brand stands for before chasing every trend. As a global brand with a growing footprint in North America, the Middle East, and Asia, we see the NATRUE label as a unique asset. The label may be less known in the United States than in Europe, however, this is not a deterrent – it’s quite the opposite! Consumers have access to information at their fingertips 24/7 and no matter where they are in the world. They want credible, impartial sources. With the amount of unregulated greenwashing in the beauty industry, we believe that our NATRUE partnership is more valuable now than ever before because it’s an additional layer of credibility to our story. In the end, the reward is that we end up with a product that we can feel proud of and that a consumer will love to put on their skin. It’s a win-win situation.

NATRUE: And to consumers that look for truly natural and organic cosmetic products?
Amy Daugherty: Do your research! Peel back the label, particularly in the US where cosmetics regulations are notoriously lax. Brands are allowed to put virtually anything into their products and not disclose. Additionally, certifications are plentiful but few place true accountability on a brand beyond simple registration or empty pledges. Many of these certifications are on a pay-to-play system where if you pay for a badge, you get it. With NATRUE, we know that we have earned the label and that is something to be proud of.

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