Composed of representatives of member companies who freely contribute with their expertise to the work of the NATRUE.

Internal Working Groups

  • Public Affairs & Regulatory and Scientific Working Group:
    Professionals specialised in issues regarding the protection of raw materials in the natural cosmetic sector within the given regulatory and scientific fields who work together with professionals specialised in issues linked to the legislative framework of natural and organic cosmetic products.
  • Communication Working Group:
    Professionals specialised in issues linked to communication activities such as PR and press related activities, web and social media positioning and events.

Independent Advisory Bodies

  • Scientific Committee “Criteria and Label”:
    Professional international advisory body formed by expert representatives from the cosmetic sector. For impartiality, the independent body is formed by an equal balanced number of internal (NATRUE members) and external experts (independent of NATRUE from the conventional or natural and organic cosmetics sector).

NATRUE collaborates with the Scientific Committee, which is responsible for the development of the NATRUE Label’s scientific criteria, definitions, interpretation and continuous update.