NATRUE’s Founder Members are the pioneers and largest producers of authentic Natural and Organic Cosmetic products in Europe, a worldwide leader in the cosmetics sector. The lack of an international definition of Natural and Organic Cosmetics and the raise of greenwashing linked to it led to the creation of NATRUE in the autumn of 2007. Over 10 years later, NATRUE has consolidated its position as an international representative body which advocates for true natural and organic cosmetics worldwide.

Shortly after the association’s inception, the NATRUE Founder Members acknowledged the need for an international label by launching their own international initiative taking into account both consumers’ and manufacturers’ expectations and demands. This initiative resulted in the launch of the NATRUE Label in 2008 and the creation of NATRUE’s Secretariat on that same year.

Since its creation, the NATRUE Label has kept on growing and expanding across Europe and worldwide. We have members in more than 30 countries worldwide and there are currently more than 6200 products certified with the NATRUE Label on the market. Over 270 brands trust us and our label and many others are in the process of certification.