The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association is not just about the products. NATRUE works together with organisations who share its fundamental beliefs in protecting nature and our planet’s biodiversity, joining forces on issues of common concern and identifying objectives and core messages.

Our aim is to represent, protect and promote the Natural and Organic Cosmetic industry worldwide.


IBD is a Brazilian certification body and the largest certifier in Latin America (IBD website). In April 2014, IBD joined forces with NATRUE to protect and promote authentic natural and organic cosmetic products via an Agreement on the alignment and mutual recognition of their respective standards. The Agreement brings unparalleled benefits to the sector, strengthening both organisations, which are driven by the same passion, values and ethics.



NATRUE is a member of IFOAM International and IFOAM-EU, the European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming. NATRUE supports and contributes to IFOAM-EU initiatives, with particular emphasis on organic agricultural ingredients, as many agricultural raw materials form the basis for NATRUE compliant cosmetic ingredients.

In June 2014, NATRUE adopted the IFOAM Family of Standards into the NATRUE Label Criteria. The advantages, IFOAM and NATRUE believe, are that the IFOAM Family of Standards represents both the diversity and the unity of what is considered organic worldwide, and this step benefits producers, traders and consumers equally since it is an approach that combines inclusiveness and integrity.

Further information on NATRUE requirements and the IFOAM Family of Standards can be found at FAMILY OF STANDARDS and NATRUE CRITERIA.



In 2016, NATRUE became a new honorary sponsor of VIVANESS, the international trade fair for natural cosmetics in Nuremberg. This cooperation includes mutual consultation on strategic and organizational issues, as well as interactions regarding marketing, communication and professional events.

For NATRUE, VIVANESS represents an international meeting point for the sector as well as a competent and credible stage for natural cosmetics. Having NATRUE as an sponsor, VIVANESS sharpens its global profile on natural cosmetics even further as an international branch and networking event.

NATRUE and NürnbergMesse look forward to working together to actively shape the future of the fair and the market. You can find more information about VIVANESS here.