Consistency and transparency

NATRUE’s Label Criteria goes further than any definition of “natural cosmetics” so far established in Europe in terms of consistency and complete transparency. The NATRUE Label sets a high standard when it comes to defining the naturalness of cosmetic products, helping consumers to identify Natural and Organic Cosmetics truly worth of that name. When the NATRUE Label appears on a package, you can be sure that the product it contains is not only compliant with a strict standard but also that a reliable certification process has been carried out by independent certification bodies.


1. Only natural, derived natural and nature-identical substances

2. Different types, same guarantee

Products can be certified with the NATRUE Label as natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics (at least 95% of the natural substances or derived natural substances are organic).

Do you want to know more about the criteria that each type of product certified to NATRUE has to meet? Click here for more information!


3. A rigorous but adaptable standard

NATRUE has established a classification of 13 types of products with their own requirements for minimum amount of natural and maximum amount of derived natural ingredients. While setting a strict and reliable standard, NATRUE also acknowledges that the inherent differences in the formulations and functions of these 13 types of products require different types of criteria for the same level of certification.


4. Commitment to our 75% rule

At least 75% of all the individual products in a delimited series (identified either by the brand or the sub-brand) must be compliant with NATRUE’s Standard in order to use our seal. NATRUE demands a high-level of commitment from producers and does not allow them to certify only certain products, which would be misleading the consumers as they could think that the whole line of products is certified.

NATRUE’s 75% Rule is strongly commited to provide a high benchmark for producers to keep greenwashing off the shelves.

ℹ️ What about the remaining 25%? The rest of products in the line may also be natural and organic and still not be included in the total calculated percentage if they do not comply with the requirements of NATRUE’s Label (for example, because of the use of certain ingredients or their origin, manufacture, etc.).

5. An independent and impartial third-party certification process

The NATRUE Approved Certifiers are subject to a rigorous accreditation process by NATRUE’s partner IOAS that ensures that each and every NATRUE certified product complies with NATRUE’s Standard,